All About Matte And Dewy Foundation

When it comes to make up , there are many conundrums we all face. Between colours, shades and textures, getting the right one for our look and skin type is so important. Enter, our everyday go-to make-up essential, foundation.

Here at we are going to show you some simple ways on how to choose between matte and dewy foundation If you are a foundation lover, you most certain know about matte and dewy foundations.

By themselves, foundations can be tricky to get right. However, when it comes to finishes, it’s important to know whether you are matte or dewy.

What Is Dewy Foundation?

A dewy foundation is one that contain ingredients that help skin look hydrated and glowing. There are certain types of oils and humectants in dewy formulas that create younger looking skin by reflecting light.

The Pros

It helps skin appear hydrated. Due to the ingredients your skin will look like you have gotten your recommended intake of water.

Easy To Blend

Most dewy foundations tend to be on the light side. This makes them easy to build to your desired coverage and blend into your skin.

Reflects Light

Dewy foundations will find the light. As a result, your skin will look brighter and younger.

The Cons

Doesn’t Always Last Throughout The Day: To keep your makeup looking fresh, you might need a few touch ups throughout the day.

It has a hard time covering acne or pigmentation. While skin concerns are normal and something everyone has, dewy formulas offer less coverage than matte.

It can look greasy on oily skin types. If you have oily skin, be prepared to touch up your dewy foundation multiple times a day. Generally, they do not hold up well against excess oil.

What Is Matte Foundation?

If you are not looking for any shine on your face, matte foundations are easy to navigate. They usually come in different formula types to dewy finishes, like powder, creams or liquids. As well as that, they are also known for their amazing coverage.

The Pros

Full Coverage: As mentioned, one of the main benefits of matte foundations comes down to coverage.

If you are looking to cover up anything on your face, choose a matte foundation. It can also eliminate shine. If you struggle with shine, matte foundations are your new BFFs.

It is also long lasting: Want your foundation to last all day? Again, matte foundations are the way to go.

The Cons

It can appear drying on your skin: If you have dryness on your skin, matte foundations can cling to these areas and make them more noticeable.

It isn’t easy to blend. Matte foundations can dry quickly, meaning you do not have a lot of time to blend them into your skin.

Some formulas can look cakey: If you are too heavy handed and use too much matte foundation, it can look heavy on your skin. Remember, a little goes a long way.

It enhances fine lines. Much like any dry areas on your face, matte foundations can settle into your fine lines and make them noticeable.