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Satin Skin Cream Foundation

Looking for that flawless skincare finish this season? Check out this new Cream Foundation from Satin Skin. This innovative natural, silicone-free, creamy and lightweight foundation is perfect for everyday use. With a medium modular coverage, this natural foundation allows working like a second skin without clogging pores or leaving any weightiness, providing hydration and nutrients without leaving any residue! The Satin Skin Cream Foundation is non-comedogenic, so it is suitable for all skin types and ages. It also incorporates SPF15, ideal for protecting facial skin from sun damage. Its extraordinary formula incorporates natural active ingredients that melt into the skin, such as bamboo microspheres, a biocompatible form of vegan hyaluronic acid, and non-greasy plant-derived oils and butters, to moisturise and care for the skin providing the softness it needs. This foundation combines more than 10 fruit and plant extracts. Immerse yourself into a a nice cocktail of apple, apricot, melon, vanilla and mint.

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