Ladies fashion in Ireland. From the latest in ladies dress designs and brilliant footwear, fashion in Ireland today is big business.

Recent studies shows that Ladies fashion in Ireland accounts for over 60% of all fashion and beauty items purchased.

It what is a multi-billion-euro industry, Irish fashion is experiencing an upward trend in internet shopping by women.

Ladies fashion in Ireland is bug business 

Style is the thing that represents each Irish woman. You will notice when you first meet them their wonderful choice of clothing.

To the women of Ireland, being stylish is all about being themselves.

To the ladies of Ireland, Irish fashion focusses on wearing clothes and accessories that blend in or stand out from traditional fashion trends.

It’s important to women in general, because it reflects the culture and townlands in which they live.

Dresses are the biggest selling fashion garments in Ireland today. This accounts for 40% of fashion good purchased by women either in-store or on-line.

In Ireland, ladies fashion styles are defined into 8 categories

Vintage fashion

Vintage or Retro fashion refers to fashion clothing or accessories from times gone by. Reproduction or repro allows for clothing and accessories to be replicated in the style of old garments.

Items that are produced more recently are commonly referred to as modern or contemporary fashion.

Ladies Bohemian fashion

The term “Bohemian” refers to fashion trends of the early 21st century. It applies to women who live unconventional but artistic lives.

Occasion fashion

This covers a variety of things. It refers to women who like to dress up for special occasions. This includes, Weddings, Days at the Races, Christening, Confirmations or Communions.

Chic fashion

Every Irish women loves the chic fashion look. It represents Ladies who adore elegant and sophisticated fashion. They respect garments with that distinctive look that associates itself to the latest in fashion clothing or accessories.

Artsy fashion

Artsy ladies fashion in Ireland are fashion styles for the creative thinker. These fashionistas more commonly prefer vintage inspired fashion items that are different. They tend to shy away from conventional fashion designs of the day.

Sexy fashion

This is self-explanatory. Ladies who choose the sexy fashion look fall into this category. Don’t confuse sexy with cheap of slutty fashion as this not the case. Sexy fashion represents fashion garments that look and feel sexy on.

Daytime casual

Fashion looks in Ireland are important to every women wants to look great. Stylish ladies in Ireland go about their daily duties wearing smart casual clothing that represents their own look. They choose fashion clothing and accessories that are smart and fashionable in appearance.

Sophisticated fashion

Sophisticated fashion for the women of Ireland represents the paring back of adventurous colours to stylishly playing with dimensions.

Well thought through styling tricks provides them with a genuine sophisticated look. All this without ever having to compromise their own personal style.

One thing is for sure, Ladies fashion in Ireland is very important to every Irish women.

They will spend hours searching for anything to the best in ladies fashion garments to comfortable and stylish footwear.

As women who always appreciate a bargain, Ireland is today renowned worldwide for their style and fashionable women.


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