Sara Sampaio reveals her beauty regime for great looking skin

Sara Sampaio reveals her beauty regime for great looking skin. Portuguese fashion model, Sara Sampaio reveals that her entire night-time skincare routine and confessed she has to be cautious about what products she uses due to her really sensitive skin.

The Victoria’s Secret model starts her bedtime beauty routine by removing her make-up with two products, a Sephora waterproof remover followed by a Rose and Chamomile Cleansing Milk from The Organic Pharmacy  and the 27 year old beauty admitted she has to be careful about what she uses because she can react to certain products.

Chatting in a video for Harper’s Bazaar, she said: “I actually use two products to remove my make-up I have really sensitive skin. “I really love this product (Sephora cleanser) because it really just takes out everything,

now I’m using the Organic Pharmacy the Rose and Chamomile Cleansing Milk this one is great even if you’re not wearing any make-up to just do it at night.

“I like to use a pad because it’s more gentle because a towel is a bit rough I do believe that less is more and just keep it clean.” The Victoria’s Secret Angel then showers and washes her hair with Moroccan Rose Oil Shampoo and Conditioner because she “hates going to bed dirty” and likes to remove all he product from the day so her skin doesn’t break out.

She went on to say: “I always love showering at night because I hate going to bed dirty and usually if I’ve been working I have product in my hair and it goes in the pillow and then to your skin and then you start breaking out so I always like to go to bed clean.”

Sampaio then brushes her teeth with a no fluoride and no SLS toothpaste and uses a 111 skin rose gold brightening facial mask. She said: “I’ve been travelling a lot so my skin feels very dry and dull so I’m gonna use this 111 Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Mask it just kind of makes you look alive again – you just feel a different person.”


Sara Sampaio reveals her beauty regime for great looking skin


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