Here’s your top winter tanning tips

Here’s your top winter tanning tips. It’s undeniable that the Irish love their fake tan, coming second in the global market. Some people are happy to let their tan fade over winter, while others want a year-round bronze glow, ready for any occasion to show off their best dress.

Whatever your reason, you can pick from a huge range of at-home products that offer various things for different skin types and colours, such as lotions and oils. Alternatively, you can go for a professional salon spray tan that minimises the risk of a streaky tan or orange skin.

It’s All In The Prep Work

Skin in winter tends to be dryer than in the warmer months, so preparing your skin for fake tan products is essential. Use an exfoliator to remove dead skin that fake tan can stick to, giving patchy, darker areas.

Moisturise afterwards, focusing on dry areas, such as elbows and knees. You should research which type of fake tan product you want to use as they all have their pros and cons.

If you have pale skin or you’re new to fake tan, opt for a product that will develop over a few days, rather than hours, to give a tan that’s as natural looking as possible. Using oil tanners instead of lotions are easier to use and will help to moisturise winter skin.

Professional Spray Tan

You may decide to go down the professional route to reduce the chance of a patchy or super dark tan. In general, spray tan is safe to use and will give better results, but care should be taken and you need to be aware of potential risks.

Both DIY home tanning products and salon spray tans contain DHA, the key ingredient that browns skin. The issue with DHA is it can easily be inhaled with a spray tan, and once it enters the body it has been linked to possible DNA changes, including an increased risk of cancer.

It can also dry the skin out, so thorough skin care before and after is important to avoid premature aging and try not to breathe the product in during application.

Maintaining Your Bronze Glow

Once you’ve got your tan there’s a few tips that can keep it looking good. Many experts recommend applying talcum powder or a similar product that will absorb moisture in areas where you may sweat.

The sweat can cause streaking and the powder can combat this by helping the tan to set in place. You can also gently rub the areas you focussed on exfoliating in your prep work to further prevent concentrated colour in these areas.

Top up your tan once a week to gradually build or maintain colour. For hair removal with fake tan, get a wax or shave beforehand and use an electric shaver instead of a razor for removing hair once you have a tan as it won’t remove skin (and tan!) with the hair.

A fake tan done well can make your skin glow and give you confidence, especially for winter weddings and Christmas parties where you want to show off some skin. But done wrong, it can have the opposite effect. Arm yourself with knowledge so that you can have a natural looking tan this winter.


Here’s your top winter tanning tips



By contributor writer: Jennifer Young

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