Shawn Mendes shares his style secrets

Shawn Mendes shares his style secrets. If there’s one male artist who has taken the world by storm, it’s Shawn Mendes. He’s got the good looks, butter-wouldn’t-melt charm, killer music and he is one of the best dressed men in music. He’s pretty much the Canadian answer to Harry Styles.

And he’s recently sat down with GQ to spill all his style secrets.

Sharing the one style rule he thinks everyone should follow, the ‘In My Blood’ singer said: “My number one style rule would be to try everything. I remember when I went to put a necklace and rings on for the first time and everyone was like “I don’t know man”, but if you genuinely feel like it’s cool then you should wear it because then it will be cool.”

He also revealed the biggest style mistake he has ever made.

“I went through a stage of wearing black khaki trousers, a black shirt, white socks and black shoes. I wore this look everywhere. I’ve really changed the way I dress. I had to do a shoot in New York once and I put on a leather jacket as a joke, but it turned out alright. Although I wouldn’t wear a leather jacket today.”

Mendes is the face of Emporio Armani Connected, Armani’s new smartwatch and had opened up about what it’s like working with Armani.

He told GQ: “It’s awesome, it has a real family vibe, because Mr Armani is fully in control of everything, like the first thing I did with him he was there in person fixing the clothing, making sure everything was looking good. It makes everyone in the company understand how important everything is, so it’s been really cool.”

Asked if he feels pressure to look good, he replied: “Yeah, definitely a lot more than I did when I was younger obviously!”

”I do, but I actually feel that every time I feel that pressure to look good or cool or whatever, I just try to be very authentic with what I’m wearing, because that’s when you look your best I think. My daily outfit is probably just Chelsea boots, jeans, a T-shirt and whatever jacket I can find.”

He also revealed his favourite look he’s worn so far. “I love the suit I wore for the Queen’s birthday. It was a red Kooples suit and it made me look more tanned on TV, which is always a good thing.”

“I get a lot of say in what I wear. My stylist and I are extremely close and we have been working together for four or five years now. If you look at pictures, during that time we have changed my overall look three times. A highlight for me regarding fashion is that I’ve become more adventurous. I mean, I wear more suits now, but I also wear more fun shirts, especially on tour and I’m a little more free to do so.”

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