Jeffree Star responds to cultural appropriation claims

Jeffree Star responds to cultural appropriation claims. It seems beauty influencer Jeffree Star is in trouble again. This time, it’s for his hairstyle choice.

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder posted a photo on Twitter wearing platinum blonde braids with green tips for a holiday photo shoot for the beauty brand.

After he shared the photo with the caption, ‘Money Honey’, people accused the YouTuber of cultural appropriation.

One user wrote: “Using others cultures (in this case a hairstyle) as a makeup look and image that will be used to promote his brand and make sales is cultural appropriation if I have ever seen it. It would be different if it was for appreciation and raising a voice to a community who gets looked down on and called unprofessional/dirty for having natural hair, wearing dreads, and wearing braids.”

Another chimed in with “It is appropriation. It’s my culture. If I have to kill my hair with heat and chemicals to be accepted but watch people wearing braided hairstyles, that originated from my ancestors, make money off of it and I get rejected for it… Something isn’t right.”

Some users, however, defended Jeffree, with one saying, “Girl, it’s not cultural appropriation. I’m black and I don’t have an issue with it and neither does anyone in my family or my friends. All I see are white people having an issue with it. It’s HAIR. There are people dying in other countries and you’re mad about HAIR? #cantrelate.”

Although he doesn’t respond to the allegations directly, he did respond to this user, saying: “Hahaha preach!!! young kids trying to be mad at something always.”

This isn’t the first time Jeffree has been called out for his behaviour. He allegedly called fellow beauty influencer Jackie Aina a ‘gorilla’ and has been charged with making derogatory comments about black women, allegedly saying he wanted to throw acid on a black woman to lighten her skin so her foundation would match.


Jeffree Star responds to cultural appropriation claims




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