Isabella Rossellini on her iconic look and aging with confidence

Isabella Rossellini on her iconic look and aging with confidence. Actress and model Isabella Rossellini recently sat down with InStyle to talk about her iconic look and share her approach to aging.

The Italian beauty reveals when she first started wearing red lipstick, at the start of her model career at 28.

She said: “I was working with top makeup artists, like François Nars, and I’d always ask for a tip I could do quickly every day. They all said the same thing: “Pick a feature you really like and emphasize it.” For me, that was my lips, and my color was red.”

On the best thing about red lipstick, she said: “Although it can’t save your life, it can be a step toward feeling good. If you put on lipstick, exercise, eat healthy, dress nice, and clean your house, you become happier and things look better.”

She also reveals that she is drawn to shades ranging from ‘coral reds to deep burgundies.’

“I prefer a matte texture and generally wear brighter tones during the summer and darker ones in the winter. “

The 66-year-old actress says her approach to aging is to just ‘embrace it’.

“I never feel like, “Oh, I wish I were 35.” When you’re young, you have the pressure to earn money, prove yourself. I had to be a beauty, an actress, and do the red carpet.”

“So age has given me time to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do. I feel richer in a way.”

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