Chanel ban the use of fur in their products

Chanel ban the use of fur in their products. Parisian fashion house, Chanel have announced that they will be banning the use of fur from their products.

The infamous French fashion label which was founded back in 1910 by Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel are just one of major luxury fashion labels to ban the use of any animal skins in the production of their fashion items or products.

President of Chanel, Bruno Pavlovsky insists that their decision to ban the use of furs or animal skin for their products was not because Chanel was bowing to public pressure from animal rights group, but simply because they were finding it very difficult to source high quality material to use for their products.

Even though Chanel rarely uses fur or that of any other animal in their fashion designs, they have decided to ban any use of animal skin products ahead of their pre-fall 2019 Metiers d’Art show in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art this month.

Chanel will join the likes of H&M, Nike and Puma who have already put bans in place for the use of fur or animal related products in their fashion line-ups.

With all fashion labels now under increased pressure to ban the use of fur, fashion houses like Versace and Gucci took the lead in doing what they thought was the right thing and leaving the skins where they rightfully belong, on the animal.

Bruno Pavlovsky of Chanel in a statement said: “There is a problem of supply and that was not Chanel’s business anyway, we did it because it’s in the air, but it’s not an air people imposed to us. It’s a free choice”.

British luxury fashion brand, Burberry actually repair or recycle fashion items that are not sold and they claim this is part of their mission about driving positive change to the whole use of animal related products for fashion.


Chanel ban the use of fur in their products


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