Cardi B Fashion Nova collection sells out in record time

Cardi B Fashion Nova collection sells out in record time. American rapper, Cardi B who launched her Fashion Nova collection last week has the sad news of telling her fans that her items have already sold out.

The Ring” singer took to Instagram on last Wednesday evening to reveal her much awaited collection with the brand had dropped an hour earlier than expected, because she couldn’t wait until the midnight release time.

In her own video posted at 11pm, she said: “What’s poppin’ everybody. So I just dropped my Fashion Nova collection, I was supposed to drop it at midnight but I love you guys so much I decided to do it a little bit earlier. “I hope you guys enjoy my line. It’s very like … High end, kind of. I made sure the materials are good, I made sure it’s very flattering for the body. Not too tight, not too hooch mama. I wanted to do something that is like ‘Wow, what is that? Is that Chanel, is that YSL, is that Gucci?’ No b***h, it’s Fashion Nova by Bardi.”

Then, just a few hours later, she returned to her Instagram account to let fans know that the entire collection was already out of stock. 25 year old, Cadi B did state that a few pieces would be restocked in time for Black Friday this coming Friday 23rd November 2018, and the entire collection would be restocked in a few weeks.

She said in a second video: “Hey everybody, so my Fashion Nova collection sold out a couple of hours ago, and I would like to say thank you anybody that purchased, and I’m sorry for anybody that couldn’t get to it.

We will be restocking some items for Black Friday, and we will restock the collection in two or three weeks. I wanna thank everybody that came out to my party, and I wanna thank the celebrities that came out, I know you guys have a busy schedule so for you come out and support me and my dream, I wanna say thank you.

“I hope you guys enjoyed my collection. It’s crazy, all my dreams are coming true. I’m so thankful.”


Cardi B Fashion Nova collection sells out in record time


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