Bella Thorne reveals details about her new makeup line

Bella Thorne reveals details about her new makeup line. Bella Thorne is about to launch her first ever cosmetics brand, Thorne by Bella. Over the course of her career, the 21-year-old actress-turned-musician-influencer has become known for her experimental beauty looks.

So much so, that her 18.5m Instagram followers regular tune in to her feed to see what glittery lid-and-lip combo she’s wearing or watch her speak out about her struggle with cystic acne.

After years of using other people’s products, she has brought her beauty expertise to the lab to create something all her own.

She recently talked to Allure about her upcoming launch, which includes three liquid eyeshadows – a metallic blue, green and gold – and three lipsticks – ‘F*ck Me Firetruck’ red, ‘Sexual Chocolate’ brown and ‘DSL’ pink – each of them embodying the message ’embracing your most wild and beautiful self’.

Revealing the reason why she wanted to create a makeup line, she said: “Makeup has always been my shit. I’ve always loved doing makeup and I do my own makeup for every project I work on, for every event that I do, for every photoshoot.”
Dealing with cystic acne, she also revealed that she wanted to make products that other people who suffer from acne can use, “The amount of times that I step on a new set and a makeup artist tries putting new products on my face that I’ve never tried before — and I’ve tried a lot of fucking different products — and then my face is a war zone all of a sudden.”



She then goes on to talk about the inspiration behind the brand.

She said: “For the packaging, I wanted something that reflected this younger sense of just throwing shit in your bag. Not having a full-blown makeup kit and makeup tutorials and really perfecting your makeup, but more of just like, ‘How do we appeal to a raver?’ How do we tell a raver who goes to all of these nocturnal events to buy our products? And you always want to stand out as a beauty company. You don’t want to be compared to Kylie Jenner.”

On why she chose to do lip stain over lipsticks or glosses, she said: “I don’t like big things on my lips. I’m a lip biter and I’m constantly eating the skin off my mouth, so I could never do a thick lipstick that is so color-pigmented that, if I scratched it off, it would show.”

And with so many celebrity products on the market right now, Bella also revealed what makes her brand stand out.
“It stands out because it’s me. I stand out. I’m an original copy of myself. I don’t work with the odds, I work against them, and that is kind what gives me my Bad Reputation by Joan Jett. That’s kind of my shit.”

You can read the full interview over at Allure.

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