Fashion news in Ireland. When it comes to fashion news in Ireland, everyone is looking for the most up to date fashion news available.

Fashion is a major part of everyone’s life in Ireland today. Whether we are young or old, fashion determines how we look and the type of clothes we buy.

Fashion in Ireland reflects our culture as seen by the outside world. It is a great way for different social groups to differentiate their own looks and styles.

Irish fashion is big business 

In what is a multi-billion euro industry in Ireland today, people are looking for the latest fashion news so they can check out the latest fashion styles.

Fashion news in Ireland incorporates many views and is followed by men, women and teenagers all hungry for the latest fashion trends.

Media plays a huge part in influencing fashion in Ireland. So many channels are available that offer advice on how we should dress.

We have picked out some of the best ways to check for the latest fashion news in Ireland.


There are various TV channels who provide the most up to date fashion news on styling and fashion trends in Ireland. The most popular being TV3’s Ireland AM.

This weekly morning chat show that showcases some of the best fashion trends and styles in Ireland today.

Ireland AM looks at the latest designs in ladies fashion wear and accessories.

Each day they look at the latest fashion looks and styles from Irish fashion retailers and international fashion brands.


With print publishing on the decline in Ireland, hard copy fashion magazines are few and far between. Daily national newspapers now include them as fashion supplements for their readers.

The most popular newspapers that produce fashion magazines or dedicate editorial news space to fashion related news in Ireland are

Online fashion in Ireland

This is grown tenfold in the past decade. Given the popularity of fashion in Ireland, there are numerous on-line fashion platforms available to view.

Some of the best known on-line fashion and beauty magazines today are

Fashion bloggers and influencers

Like most counties in the world today, each has their own selection of fashion bloggers who can influence the clothes and styles we choose.

Ireland is no different. When it comes to Irish fashion, there are a number of fashion influencers who carry a voice to their large social media followers. Some of the most recognised are

  • Suzanne Jackson-O’Connor
  • Chloe Boucher
  • Sinead Cady
  • Joanne Larby
  • Lisa Jordan
  • Louise Cooney

All operate their own web pages so people can check out their personal fashion tips and fashion advice.

With fashion on the minds of most people in Ireland today, Irish fashion news is a way of keeping all Irish fashionistas connected.


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