Why Ozzy Osbourne doesn’t get the Kardashians

Why Ozzy Osbourne doesn’t get the Kardashians. UK rocker. Ozzy Osbourne reveals why he hasn’t got a clue what all the fuss is about with the Kardashian family.

The Black Sabbath rocker said that he had to ask his wife Sharon Osbourne to explain what the big deal was with Kardashian girls and their mother, Kris Jenner.

The legendary 69-year old singer and front man of rock band Black Sabbath who is probably one of the most honest guys in the music industry at expressing his opinions said “what the f**k the deal is with” the Kardashian family and their worldwide fame” and went on to claim that the sister and mum “don’t do anything” to justify the attention they get.

Chatting to The Big Issue, Ozzy said: “I said to Sharon the other day, ‘What the f**k is the deal with these Kardashians? They don’t sing, they don’t act, they don’t do anything.’ Sharon replied, ‘The trend now is that people want to be celebrities and make money for doing f**king nothing.’ And I was like, ‘Oh.’ ”

Despite his discontent at the antics of  the California based Kardashian family, he did wish ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ family luck and admitted all that matters is that they’re “happy” with their career and lives in the spotlight.

Ozzy said : “I mean, I don’t want to put them down and if I was to start slagging them off they would say, ‘So what?’ Good luck to them, if they’re happy with it then I’m fine with that.”

He also reminisced about his own personal experiences with his family reality TV on ‘The Osbournes’ which also featured their kids Jack and Kelly and explained it was all filmed in the moment and certainly had an impact over the years.

He said: “When we did ‘The Osbournes’ it was totally raw, there was no script. We just did what we did and had the camera rolling. Have a camera crew in your house for three years and you go a bit crazy!”

Ozzy is currently taking time out as he recovers from a hand infection that seen him cancel his live shows while he underwent surgery He recently said: “I was really looking forward to doing the Hollywood Bowl. I’m going to make those shows up next year. It could have been a lot worse. I could have been dead.”


Why Ozzy Osbourne doesn’t get the Kardashians


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