Sinitta to be face of adult sex toy campaign

Sinitta to be face of adult sex toy campaign. 80’s pop star, Sinitta has revealed that she is negotiations to be the face of a new sex toy line.

The 54-year-old beauty has come out to reveal that she is in talks to promote her friend’s sex toy collection that she says is aimed to help mothers recondition their pelvic floor but she needs to test the product first before she agrees to endorse it.

Chatting to The Sun newspaper, Sinitta said: “There’s a sex toy my friend is developing, it’s called Gina’s Flex. “She wants me to be the face of it. If it works I’m going to do it. I need to test it out first. “It’s all about reconditioning women with pelvic floor problems – women who’ve had children. We all talk about our arm muscles, our booty muscles, but the muscle that really counts is that one.”

Meanwhile, Sinitta’s friend has revealed that she will be happily give Sinitta some special freebies once she’s tried and tested it out for herself

She added: “Once she tests it out, she can have everything she wants.” The “So Macho” singing star has previously dated X-Factor judge, Simon Cowell and Hollywood legend, Brad Pitt.

Earlier this year she spoke openly year as she agreed with Nancy Dell’ Olio, 56, that sex can be “better than ever” in your 50s.

She previously wrote: “I completely agree. It’s great to hear Nancy is more fulfilled and more confident with age, because many women feel that too, and we need to talk more about it!

I’m definitely more confident sexually now than when I was younger, my body was in better shape, as I was a dancer, but my brain and heart were all over the place. I feel more accepting now that I am older.

“It sounds cliché, but it’s true – the older you get, the better you know yourself. Yes I was more body confident before – but now my confidence comes from knowing myself and what my body is capable of. Being in your 50s today no longer means that you’re at the end of your romantic or sexual self. Women can embrace their sexual identity at any age!”


Sinitta to be face of adult sex toy campaign



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