Jeff Brazier on Christmas without Jade Goody

Jeff Brazier on Christmas without Jade Goody. Christmas is a magical time for many but it also can be very tough.
Almost ten years ago, Jade Goody passed away from cervical cancer and now her ex Jeff Brazier, who has two sons with Jade – Bobby, who is now 15, and Freddie, who is 14 – has opened up on how the family cope without her during the festive season

In a video shared to Twitter, he explained: ““It took two Christmas’ to work out that it didn’t matter how many presents we had under the tree.”

“If we didn’t recognise their loss then it felt like there was an elephant in the room.”

“We make the day about the loss first and foremost, their mum, and make it about the occasion secondary to that.”

He added: “My children want to celebrate Christmas but it’s just different. But it’s ok that it’s different.”

He also revealed that Jade was always great at making Christmas special for their kids.

“I was never as good at Christmas as Jade was.”

“She went to extreme measures, she made fake footprints in the snow. It’s not something I would go to that length to do because I’m not as creative as Jade was.”

Jade passed away on the 22nd March 2009. One month before she died, she married fellow Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jack Tweed.

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