How to create the perfect statement lip

How to create the perfect statement lip

How to create the perfect statement lip.

Here at we are going to show you simple ways to create the perfect statement lip. Swiping on a bold lip will always make us feel powerful and ready to take on anything. And, thanks to the times we find ourselves in, it is more important than ever to feel our best.

On the onset of the pandemic, many people pared back their makeup routines to the basics. This could be that we no longer had to venture out everyday to go to school or work.

However, as time wore on, many people are starting to miss the art of putting on makeup. Especially bold lipsticks. Keep reading to find out why a statement lip is always in style and this seasons’ top colours.

Charlotte Tilbury nude brown lipstick 2022

Charlotte Tilbury nude brown lipstick 2022

Irish fashion news. Makeup tips. How to create the perfect statement lip


Thanks to the likes of Naomi Campbell and Jennifer Lopez, chocolate brown lips had a major moment in the 90s. And with many 90s trends making a comeback, it was only a matter of time before brown lipsticks found their way into our makeup collections. From fair to deep skin tones, throwing on some chocolate lipliner and lipstick is a great way to make a bold statement.


As much as we love to experiment with a bright and bold lip, there are some colours that will always remain iconic. And nude is one of them. Flesh toned lipsticks may be subtle.

However, they can be used to add some oomph to your makeup look. whether it’s fully or semi matte, you can expect nude lipsticks to always be in style.


When it comes to the colder months, darker tones in your makeup usually take center stage. Much like your nail polish, expect everyone to be wearing dark purples in vampy hues.

Eggplant is one colour that is set to be one of the biggest trends this time of year. It has a rich purple tone that will look great on barely there skin and bold lashes.

Deep Rose

If you have been paying attention to fashion runways of late, you will notice that some shows adorn their models in deep rose-stained lips.

As it is one of the few shades that is sophisticated and yet wearable every day, we can see why it’s popular. To achieve a subtle and stained look, use your fingers to dab the lipstick onto your lips.


Makeup tips. How to create the perfect statement lip. Irish fashion news

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