7 ways how to style 90’s fashion in 2022

7 ways how to style 90’s fashion in 2022

7 ways how to style 90’s fashion in 2022.

Here at Fashion.ie we are going to show you simple ways how to style 90’s fashion in 2022. Like it or loathe it, fashion styles of the 90’s is back. Both men and women are embracing this great fashion retro look in some shape of form. This is expected to be evident throughout the whole of 2022.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we have come up with easy ways to help you embrace the 90’s fashion look. If you are trying to put your step on the 1990’s fashion ladder, come with us and let’s help you start.

The flared jeans look

During the mid 90’s, flared jeans were all the rage. This was before skinny jeans took over as we headed to the millennium. However, fabrics have since changed with styles becoming more readily available.

Blue denim flared jeans can sync with cropped tops in a stain finish. Flip over to footwear and look towards shoes or boots with a square toe finish. Add your cotton rib tank top to complete the 90’s hipster look.

Let’s talk chokers

As one of the most quintessential accessories of the 1990’s chokers are back. The Hollywood style choker adds an extra type of sent edge to your fashion look.

As a grip tight look around your neck look for one’s that today come with stretch. These fuse beautifully with shirts, tees and even low-neck ladies dresses. Be inventive and experiment with jewel and crystal type finishes.

Ladies biscuit flared jeans

Ladies biscuit flared jeans

Hoop your earring look

Another timeless throwback look of the 90’s. However, to some women who have never experienced large type earrings this can be daunting.

Our suggestion is to start small and opt for small hoop earrings in gold or silver finish. As you become more confident, move up in size. These babes work with almost any smart casual fashion look. However, for more important formal occasions, leave them at home.

Ladies fashion Ireland.7 ways how to style 90’s fashion in 2022. Irish fashion news. 

The youthful crop tops

In the music era of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, crop tops where huge. This year expect to see them a lot more given the 90’s fashion revival.

With low rise jeans also back in style they make for perfect paring. Look towards halter, short sleeve, and cami designs. They can also be fused with long flowing maxi dresses. For a hipster finish add your favourite pair of platform shoes.

The overalls look

As a sleeveless version of the jumpsuit, overalls were a huge fashion fix for gals of the 90’s. Popularised from the 80’s to 90’s with the likes of girl group Bananarama, overalls are cool. As well as being super comfy, the overall look is street casual denim fashion at it’s 90’s best.

They can be worn with white tees on warmer days. Add your neutral cardigan and oversized sneakers and you are good to go. To dress them up look at wearing with a roll neck sweater and Doc Martens.

Thank scrunchies

What girl during the noughties didn’t have a scrunchie? Very few let us tell you. As probably the most stand out fashion accessory of the 90’s the scrunchie is big in 2022.

Bright shades add pop to any outfit in an instance. However, look towards neutral tones of black, grey and white this year. Materials with sequin designs or velvet will be evident. How you style your hair is up to you.

90’s shoe look revival

Where do we start when it comes to popular shoe designs of the 90’s? There were so many but let’s look at stand out pieces. Adidas and Fila court type shoes were popular and will be again this year. Chunky footwear and Dr Martens are also other pieces to consider when constructing your great 90’s fashion look.


Irish fashion news.7 ways how to style 90’s fashion in 2022. Ladies fashion Ireland.

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