Top 4 ways to style chain belts in 2022

Top 4 ways to style chain belts in 2022

Top 4 ways to style chain belts in 2022.

Here at we are going to show you simple ways to style chain belts in 2022. This year expect to see the revival of the great looking chain belt. They can complement any fashion look in an instant.

Whether worn with jeans or dresses, the chain belt adds lift to any assemble when styled correctly. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to look at ways to maximise your chain belt look for the year ahead.

The chain belt and jeans effect

As a modern-day fashion staple, jeans are enjoyed by women of all ages and sizes. From skinny jeans to straight leg jeans, a chain belt can lift their look in an instant.

Options available are pair your chain belt by feeding it through the loops of your jeans. Another easy look is to let it hang around the hips. This helps to show off your curves.

If you choose high rise jeans, then consider then position the chain around the natural hop area. For those of you who love your low-rise jeans, then opt for the chain belt positioning around your hips for that important flattering effect.

If you like embellishments to your jean look then let your chain belt hang around the back-pocket area. It adds glam any day or nighttime fashion look.

Chain belt your dress or skirt look

For you ladies who love to colour block your skirt or dress then the chain belt can be your best friend. It helps to make your fashion finish more interesting. Ensure to position your chain belt to the waist and hip area for maximum effect.

The best example here is add a gold or silver chain belt to your little black dress. This also works for short mini denim skirts. Ensure to get the length of the chain belt right which is normally a 2 -3 inch overhang.

Ladies Gold Link Chain Belt Ireland

Ladies Gold Link Chain Belt Ireland

Irish fashion news. Top 4 ways to style chain belts in 2022. Teenage fashion Ireland

Chain belt your office look

Believe it or not a chain belt looks great when styled with work clothing. However, you don’t want to make it look to blingish. A stylish dress silver or gold look chain belt can complement any fitted black trouser look. Add a white shirt and black blazer for most effective finish.

One fashion rule to keep in mind is do not wear your chain belt around the waist. It is way too casual and more reserved for days offs. Feed through the loops of your trousers or skirt. This helps to make your waistline look more interesting.

The chain belt and jumpsuit combo

Expect to see jumpsuits as a popular fashion choice throughout 2022. The jumpsuit can look more interesting when a chain belt is added. This is where you introduce a platinum, silver or gold chain belt to your jumpsuit around the waistline. However, there are also other things to consider.

Let the chain belt be the focal point of your assemble. Avoid over accessorising to the arms or neck area. Let your chain belt be your stylish fashion statement piece.

Help to define your great looking natural waistline

Most belts are great fashion accessory pieces that can help define your natural waistline. It helps to put emphasise on your waist. To note, your natural waistline is the smallest area of your waist. This is usually to the belly button area or just above it.


Top 4 ways to style chain belts in 2022. Teenage fashion Ireland. Irish fashion news

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