Timberland looking to take back your old boots

Timberland looking to take back your old boots

Timberland looking to take back your old boots.

In sustainable fashion news, fashion retailer Timberland have just launched a new programme where they are asking people to return their old Timberland footwear and fashion clothing to them for recycling.

The new Timberloop initiative is all part of their strive to encourage their customers to give back old used clothing and footwear so it can be given a new lease of life.

Timberland’s take back programme is part of their environmental strategy that by the year 2030, they hope that one hundred percent of their products will be designed for circularity,”

According to Timberland’s director for community engagement and activation Atlanta McIlwraith, the Timberloop programme, will create the infrastructure required to close the loop and keep their products and materials in circulation for as long as possible.

Their programme which is only available in the US at the moment will hopefully be extended to other countries where they operate in the future.

People looking to take part in this responsible environmental programme are encouraged to return old Timberland products in person to any of the stores across America.

Timberland launch their new Timberloop programme

Timberland launch their new Timberloop programme

They can also print off a pre-paid shipping label at the Timberland website where consumers can box and drop off their preloved pieces to any FedEx depot.

Timberland have teamed up with American based ReCircled who will work with the fashion house on the logistics side of the new Timberloop programme.

How it works is that when ReCircled receive a returned product, it is then given an overhaul and repaired for prepared for resale on a new part of the Timberland website which is currently under construction.

ReCircled will undertake some of the recycling internally while other required recycling will take place in partnership with outside facilities.

Although Timberloop has launched in America to start, Timberland has plans to extend their environmental programme across Europe, the Middle East and Africa this Spring 2022.


Timberland looking to take back your old boots.sustainable fashion news. Irish fashion news

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