The best ladies winter coat designs in Ireland for 2022

The best ladies winter coat designs in Ireland for 2022

The best ladies winter coat designs in Ireland for 2022.

Here at we are going to show you the best ladies winter coat designs in Ireland for 2022. Now that we have arrived in 2022, we still have a few months left before springtime hits. We can expect cold and damp weather in the coming months that will present us with styling challenges.

While we want to look good in the latest fashions, we still need to ensure we protect ourselves from the outside elements. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we have put together some “what out” coat designs to look out for during winter 2022.

Go sleeveless with the gilet

One of the “watch out” sleeveless coats designs to have this winter is the ladies gilet. Like an external vest, they offer insulating protection to the body when cold or frost hits.

One of the great things about the gilet is its versatility. It can be dressed up for casual to semi casual wear. This is where you get inventive with textures and material. Whether worn with jeans or trousers, the gilet is a must for any women’s wardrobe this winter.

Include faux fur

Faux fur fashion is going to be dominant between now and Easter and then the tail end of the year. The beauty about this artificial fringe fur look is it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Fur collars and sleeves (even pockets) adds something different and warm to any coat look. Whether it’s a longline coat to short jacket design, include fur detailing to the hem or cuffs to maximise this stylish look.

Quilt your coat finish

Quilted coats and jackets are must from autumn to the month of May. With unpredictable Irish weather you are never sure what we are going to get. Quilted coats offer adequate insulation to the body during this period.

Design houses today offer them in exciting colours and stitched designs. Whether long length or short jacket designs, choose a coat that lines with at least 70% of your winter wardrobe. Neutral shades offer longevity from season to season.

Top ladies coat designs in Ireland for 2022

Top ladies coat designs in Ireland for 2022

Ladies fashion Ireland.The best ladies winter coat designs in Ireland for 2022. Irish fashion news

Be glad of plaid

Plaid coats are on trend in 2022. What you will also see is patchwork designs making a huge comeback this year. Large checked print designs in plaid can offer a Celtic tone to your dress.

Plaid can also be dressed up or down. Short plaid check designs look great for short jackets. Plaid longline coats also offer something different to your fashion finish.

Always opt for shades and textures that suit your own style and taste. This way you will enjoy the benefits of wearing your plaid coat for years to come.

The jacket coat

If you are looking for stylish fashion flexibility, then this is for you. Elongated jackets offer that tough of elegance. A light textured material design can be styled with longline dresses or even short skirts.

This 2-1 combination makes it perfect from dress me up or down fashion. Whether worn with trousers or dresses, the jacket coat combo is on trend in 2022. Our advice is stick to neutral shades. This presents you with more options when constructing any great fashion assemble.

Cape it up

We all know Irish weather is so unpredictable all year round. This is why the cape which has seen a huge resurgent in the past 12 months a popular 12-month fashion pleaser. Capes are elegant and warm and often seen on all the major international catwalks.

They are fashion flexible that allows many uses when compiling your fashion look in cold weather. They can style with jeans or skirts for that stylish daytime fashion look. You can then switch up to classic evening styling worn over a dress or blouse.


Irish fashion news.The best ladies winter coat designs in Ireland for 2022. Ladies fashion Ireland

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