2022 beauty tips how to reverse wash your hair

2022 beauty tips how to reverse wash your hair

2022 beauty tips how to reverse wash your hair.

Here at Fashion.ie we are going to look at simple ways to explain the benefits of reverse washing your hair. Have you noticed your hair looking limp? Thin? A little on the flat side? Or maybe it gets greasy too soon after wash day? Whatever the case may be, have you ever thought about how you wash your hair?

If you have never heard of reverse washing, it could be the answer to all of your hair problems. Keep on reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out what you need to know about reverse washing your hair.

What Is Reverse Washing?

You can probably guess just from the name alone. However, if you can’t, reverse washing is exactly what it seems. It implements a reverse order of products by conditioning the hair first and then shampooing.

The theory is that the conditioner will infuse into your hair and nourish as well as hydrate. Since hair is more likely to absorb conditioner’s hydration when first used, reverse washing can be perfect for those of you with thin or fine hair. However, it will not in any way treat the cause of your thinning hair.

The Pros

As mentioned, one of the biggest benefits to reverse washing is the hydration. You get the condition of the hair shaft without the layer of conditioner on your scalp. As well as more hydration, as you are using a shampoo in your final step, any conditioner residue that leads to bad acne will be washed off.

How to reverse wash your hair

How to reverse wash your hair


Irish fashion news. 2022 beauty tips how to reverse wash your hair. Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland

The diameter of your hair will also swell, leading to your hair looking fuller. As your hair can look denser, it can be good for people with thinning or flat hair.

Another benefit is that hair can look cleaner for longer. When you only rinse off your conditioner, your hair can look greasier sooner than with a reverse wash.

The Cons

Much like with any beauty technique, there are downsides. While reverse washing can have benefits for certain hair types, those with coarse or tightly coiled hair may not see the same results.

In addition to that, although reverse washing can make hair appear fuller and thicker, it is not a replacement for professional hair loss treatment. If you notice you are suffering from a great loss of hair density, it is important to intervene early with a specialist.


Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland. Irish fashion news. 2022 beauty tips how to reverse wash your hair

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