4 styling tips how to wear women’s grey trousers

4 styling tips how to wear women’s grey trousers

4 styling tips how to wear women’s grey trousers.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you simple ways to style ladies grey pants this season. To some, grey is that one colour that is seen as dull and non-exciting.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Given grey is a neutral shade means you can have lots of easy fun in compiling any great fashion look. It also blends in with seasonal fashion which again allows for you to experiment with different bright and enthusiastic shades.

Another great benefit of grey is it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to explore simple ways to wear grey for the season ahead.

What colours work best with grey fashion?

Given grey is a neutral shade, the likes of reds, yellows, pinks and orange can work with fashion pairings for fun fashion. For something more formal, blacks, reds and navy give it a more structured approach. Also consider the occasion when choosing shades to wear with grey.

Ladies Grey Check Pussy Bow Blouse

Ladies Grey Check Pussy Bow Blouse

Grey fashion and the workspace

Wonderful shades of grey like darks or light hues work best in the form of trousers when dressing for the office. However, you do have wonderful above the waist options as well.

The likes of a red or navy fitted blazer fuse well with grey pants. Add a white blouse and you have a wonderfully constructed stylish uniform. Grey skirts when fused with pinks or neutral sweaters or shirts are also another great choice.

They can breathe life into any boring office surroundings. If you are opting for the tonal grey look of top and bottoms, make sure to add a bright coat to lighten your fashion finish.

Grey and the casual day to night look

The likes of grey jeans can easily replace blue denims as a great alternative. They can actually make your look stand out. Colourful red, yellow navy or tan style sweaters are great above the waist choices.

This also applies for the hoody and grey jeans combo. Pants wise, grey cargo pants and neutral blouses or shirts are good if you have to leave the house. A grey silk blouse fused with black pencil skirt looks very chic. Add detailing like bow design to the blouse. Always ensure that you colour contrast your grey look to add balance to it’s structure.

Grey fashion for each season

Winter is a fabulous time to wear any shade of grey. Navy, camel and whites are visible everywhere. When temperatures dip, opt for grey trousers and fuse with a quality textured woollen jacket in lady like colours. Even cashmere sweaters paired with ankle boots are a good fit.

Ladies floral scarves also go well with grey tonal dressing. Given grey is a neutral colour, the choices of styling are endless. Whether it’s a grey shirt or grey blouse, switch or inject some colour to lighten your look.

For brighter months of spring and summer, dove grey trousers with pastel shade tees or tops are go. Footwear is optional but make sure to contrast your overall look.

Have fun accessorising your grey fashion look

In all, most colours go with grey trousers or pants. The likes of reds, burgundy silver and purple shoes can make for different choices. One good way to create a smart good optical illusion is to fuse your grey mid-heel boots or shoes with grey tights or stockings.

This helps to elongate the look of your legs Don’t be scared to experiment with animal print footwear either when wearing grey. This can breathe some fun into your fashion assemble.

Look towards statement jewellery like pearls or gold, silver, platinum. These can make your look elegant. When it comes to bags, the world is your oyster. Add a splash of colour given you are pairing against neutral shades.


4 styling tips how to wear women’s grey trousers : Irish fashion news : Ladies fashion Ireland

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