Top 5 men’s winter coats to own this fashion season

Top 5 men’s winter coats to own this fashion season

Top 5 men’s winter coats to own this fashion season.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you the best 5 men’s coats to own this winter. Coats or jackets are an intricate part of any guy’s winter wardrobe look when it comes to winter.

They are warm, stylish and keep the body protected from the outside elements. The only problem for most men is what jacket suits them best for when winter hits? Here at Men’s fashion tips, we are going to explore the must have jackets and coats to own for the season ahead.

The smart parker coat

Yep, the parker coat looks great as part of any guys fashion assemble during the winter months. However, a dressier style works best. This is because it can be dressed up or down.

In recent years the parka coat is a stylish and fully functional piece of outer layering for any guy. It can be dressed down with a pair of jeans, cashmere sweater and white sneakers. It can also be worn over a suit or something dressier.

The great peacoat

Originally, the peacoat takes it design from the military. Two centuries ago, sailors used this style coat for onshore occasions. Its short design makes it a very versatile piece of fashion.

Opt for dark navy or black wool designs when winter lands. One of the great things about most peacoat designs is they start at smart casual and go right up to stylish formal outerwear. They pair so easily with shirts, jeans or trousers.

Men's Shower Resistant Parka With Removable Faux Fur Trim

Men’s Shower Resistant Parka With Removable Faux Fur Trim

The reliable puffer jackets

Well gentlemen, this is like wrapping yourself up in a cosy duvet during the winter months. It’s a hop piece of fashion outerwear that is worn by film and music stars today. Invented back in the 1930’s it’s style has taken a smarter casual role since then.

It can be worn with trousers or jeans. For a more street look, fuse it with a smart hoodie. Colour contrasting is key. Make sure it adds balance to your fashion finish. Oh, given its winter, opt for waterproof designs

The cosy yet stylish duffle coat

Like the peacoat, the duffle coat originates from the military. It’s long length makes it a chic piece of outwear that allows to be dressed perfectly for any type of tailored dress. In more recent years, the duffle coat has become more of a relaxed fashion look with younger guys switching their trouser look to jeans.

Again, opt for darker shades for browns, black and navy during winter months. They blend into the surrounding better and pair with better with pieces I your wardrobe.
Go bomber jacket

Most of the coats and jackets we have mentioned so far all have a military theme to them. This is because most jackets do originate from an army or navy background.

However, this time let’s take to the skies and look at the classic bomber jacket. Invented during the Second World war for American fighter pilots, today they have a new fashion meaning.

This insulated piece of men’s outerwear fashion is perfect for defending the body from the outside elements. It can be paired with jeans or men’s leggings for a more dress down look. However, it doesn’t look out of place when fused with a shirt or smart pants. Choose a single colour bomber for best results.


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