Fashion tips how to style roll neck sweaters

Fashion tips how to style roll neck sweaters

Fashion tips how to style roll neck sweaters.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to look at great ways to style ladies roll sweaters. When temperatures drop there is nothing quite like an elegant roll neck sweater to keep the body warm. They act as great fashion stop gaps to get you through the autumn to spring seasons in style.

Turtleneck or roll necks look chic when styled correctly and to be honest, they should be part of every women’s wardrobe line-up. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we want to show you 3 great ways to style your roll neck sweater for the coming season.

What is a roll neck sweater?

This has many names and is also known as a polo neck, turtleneck or roll neck sweater. It is a fashion garment commonly in the form of a sweater that comes with a close fit collar that folds over and covers the neck area.

The roll neck sweater days off look

This is a great dress down fashion look for any hop woman. It allows jeans or leggings to take centre stage with your roll neck sweater.

Given that any type of formality is out the door, have fun with your shades. Reds, navy and black roll neck sweaters are the order of the day. The darker the roll neck the lighter the shade below the waist please for a chic look. However, black leggings with blues, black or red roll necks work great.

This applies to dark denims like skinny or straight leg jeans in similar shades. Look for white sneakers for footwear inspiration. Well, it is dress down code.

The sophisticated roll neck sweater finish

Cable knit or cashmere are great choices for this fashion assemble. This makes for perfect styling for colder months. Add a stylish of wide leg trousers and simple black pump shoes to your neutral roll neck sweater look.

Another great choice is a loose fit mid-length shirt with pencil skirt and fitted jacket. Ensure you colour coordinate your fashion pieces accordingly. Shades of crème or light brown roll necks add a touch of chicness to your over all look. Tread lightly wen accessorising this elegant look.

Ladies Donegal Fleck Roll Neck Sweater

Ladies Donegal Fleck Roll Neck Sweater

Go day to night with your roll neck sweater look

Every woman should own a black roll neck sweater. It should be law in the world of fashion. Fine cashmere is gentle on the skin and can make the wearer feel like a million dollars. It makes for the perfect transitional fashion piece for effortless day to night time styling.

One great look is try tucking your (greys, cream or black) roll neck jumper into the waist of your fitted pencil skirt. Simply add a pair of stiletto heels. Now complete with a statement jewellery necklace piece.

Another beautiful way to style your roll neck is to pair with a tulle midi skirt. Very sophisticated and add a triangle design cashmere scarf to finish. White pants also are another great fashion option.


Fashion tips how to style roll neck sweaters : Irish fashion news : Teenage fashion Ireland

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