Fashion tips what to wear to Christmas parties

Fashion tips what to wear to Christmas parties

Fashion tips what to wear to Christmas parties

Here at Irish fashion news we will show you simple ways to dress from Christmas parties this festive season. The season of parties is upon us. And while things may be different this year, there is no harm in having your wardrobe party ready this Christmas.

There are plenty of option to choose from and we’ve put together some of the best outfit ideas. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland to find out what to wear to your Christmas party.

Things To Consider

Before you go rocking all your finery at whatever Christmas event you head off to, there are some things to consider. What kind of party are you attending? Is it laid back with friends and family? Or is it a work event? Is there a dress code?

You also need to think about how your outfit will make you feel. A dress is always a stylish choice. However, if you do not feel comfortable wearing one, don’t.

Ladies Red Party Dress

Ladies Red Party Dress

Red Party Dress

Okay. Say, you have decided to wear a dress after all. Why not make it red? Red is a classic shade for your winter wardrobe and looks good on everyone. whatever your skin tone or hair colour, there is a shade of red to suit you. But if you are leaning more towards pink or fuchsia, that works too.

Ladies fashion news. Irish fashion news. Fashion tips what to wear to Christmas parties

This particular colour looks good when worn with tan, white or black tones. To add some dimensions to your outfit, play around with textures or add some faux leather into your ensemble.

Little Black Dress

A classic, no matter the season. Everyone should have at least one little black dress in their wardrobes. It will become one of the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe and is definitely an investment piece.

Perhaps, the best thing about your little black dress is that you can use different accessories to change up how it looks. It’s an incredibly versatile piece and can be made to look like a completely different dress each season.


We know what you might be thinking. That there is an obvious issue when it comes to jumpsuits and parties. However, as long as you ensure you can unfasten your jumpsuit without help, you should be ok when heading to the bathroom.

You can stick to seasonal tones by choosing a red option. Or you can opt for a bright colour to add a touch of boldness to your look.


Fashion tips what to wear to Christmas parties. Ladies fashion news. Irish fashion news

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