The best fabrics to keep you warm this winter

The best fabrics to keep you warm this winter

The best fabrics to keep you warm this winter.

Here at Irish fashion news see simple ways to find keep yourself wrapped up and warm this winter. Tis the season for all things pumpkin spice and looking for ways to keep out the cold.

Thanks to the cold weather that winter brings, you may find yourself needing to update your winter wardrobe with sturdier fabrics. But how do you know which ones are worth it and will keep you nice and warm? Keep reading here at Men’s fashion news to find out.


Yes, we know that cashmere is expensive. However, your investment will pay dividends. Three times as insulating as wool, cashmere feels like luxury against your skin. It also means that you do not need to wear as many layers to keep out the cold.

If you want to know if you are getting a premium product, simply rub your hands over the material. If it feels oily, it’s cut with lambswool, so don’t pay premium price.

Although a cashmere coat is a dream, it’s best to stick to accessories. Especially if you are on a budget. A scarf will protect you from the elements and give your outfit some much needed texture.


Thanks to people’s love of hiking, fleece has managed to ramble down from the mountains and into our wardrobes. Invented in 1979 as a cheaper alternative to wool, fleece retains heat while wicking away moisture from the body. A fleece jacket is essential for your winter wardrobe.

Men’s fashion Ireland.The best fabrics to keep you warm this winter. Irish fashion news

Men's Black Cashmere Round Neck Jumper

Men’s Black Cashmere Round Neck Jumper

Merino Wool

Wool. Nature’s greatest insulator. It’s been known for centuries for its ability to stand up to the cold. If you cannot get cashmere, go for Merino. It is almost as fine and still great at keeping you nice and toasty this winter. A Merino jumper is a wardrobe classic, while your t-shirts make for great layering pieces.


Your Geography teacher’s favourite material is once again fashionable. While you do not have to go out and buy yourself a corduroy suit – even if it gives your tailoring some texture – we recommend a corduroy jacket.

Getting one in a heavy material means that it’s better at trapping in your body heat. As a result, you will stay nice and warm during the cold, wintery months.


When it comes to sturdy materials that last, you can always count on the military. Shearling – or sheepskin – was used for extra insulation for pilots during WWII. These days, any lovers of 70s fashion will usually find shearling in jackets or outerwear.


Irish fashion news. Men’s fashion Ireland. The best fabrics to keep you warm this winter

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