How to prevent irritable skin this winter

How to prevent irritable skin this winter

How to prevent irritable skin this winter.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you simple ways to help stop irritable skin this winter season. Chilly days and dreary rain can put us in a bit of a downer. Not to mention, play havoc with our skin. The cold can cause irritation, itchiness and dry and flaky skin.

So, you need to know what to do to protect yourself. Keep reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out how to prevent irritation this winter.

Avoid Alcohol Or Fragrance

Strong soap can wreak havoc on your sensitive skin. While you may think that you are cleansing your skin, you could actually be drying it out. Switching to a gentle cleanser can combat this. As well as your cleanser, try to avoid alcohol in your toners and astringents.

Keep Taking Your Omegas

Many people do not realise the importance of Omegas when it comes to skin health. Their role is to maintain a healthy cell membrane, which allows your cells to hold water.

As a result, your skin looks softer and more supple. As well as keeping a balanced diet during the winter months, it might be worth your while taking an Omega supplement.

Keep Your Hands Moisturised

People have a tendency to forget about their hands during winter. And yet, they can show the first signs of ageing when they look dry and cracked.

When cleaning or washing up, try and use gloves to protect your hands. While frequent washing of your hands will keep germs at bay, it’s important to use a moisturiser afterwards.

Eat More Avocado

Healthy fats like your avocado are proven to be the key to supple skin. They are essential for keeping your skin moisturised and healthy during the winter. And your avocados can even help with your hair health too.

How to prevent irritable skin this winter. Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland . Irish fashion news

Marine Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream

Marine Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream

Use Your SPF

And not just in winter! Many people think that they can stop using their SPF in the winter months. But, just because the temperature drops, the sun can still be harmful to skin, especially when it reflects off of the snow. Therefore, it is important to keep applying your SPF in winter to prevent premature ageing.

Be Careful With Your Choice Of Accessories

We all reach for our hats and scarves when the temperature drops. And while they protect against the elements, some knitwear can be uncomfortable and irritating.

To avoid suffering from irritated skin, opt for accessories made form breathable material. This will help reduce the build up of heat in one place, which adds to irritation.


Irish fashion news.How to prevent irritable skin this winter. Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland 

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