Fashion tips how to style black over Christmas

Fashion tips how to style black over Christmas

Fashion tips how to style black over Christmas.

Here at we are going to show you simple ways to wear black over Christmas. Yes it’s that time of year when we are get a little more conscious about the way we look.

Does my bum look big in this, does this dress make me look fat etc etc. Well here comes black fashion to the rescue. Black is not only slimming but also has a chic look about it when styled correctly.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to show you some quick ways to style black during Christmas. From party dressing, right up to New Year’s Eve, we have the look for you.

The Christmas Party and black dress wear

First up, it’s not a requirement to go full bright colour to any Christmas party and that’s only a myth. Black is chic and can look smarter and sleek when worn in the form of a dress for any works party.

The likes of a fitted black velvet dress with plunging neck line is sleep and sexy. The Little Black Dress always works but keep your style basic and simple. Small bits of accessories does the trick.

If dresses aren’t your thing then look towards tapered black trousers and neutral shade tops. A fitted black blazer paired with trousers and neutral top look fab.. It has sophistication written all over it.

Black and Christmas Eve wear

Basically this is all down on how you plan to spend Christmas Eve. If you are going out then with friends then you want something casually stylish.

Black straight or skinny jeans are a great choice when fused with a part top. Add a black longline coat and black velvet kitten heels. A black or hunter green turtleneck also works well. Add black ankle boots to complete.

Ladies Jersey V-Neck Tie Front Midi Wrap Dress

Ladies Jersey V-Neck Tie Front Midi Wrap Dress

The Christmas Day black fashion effect

This is the day that counts and you want to look your best. This is mainly because your fashion look will be on display to family and friends. First up you want to make sure your choice of clothing is comfy.

It’s going to be a long day of eating food so you need something with a little expansion at the waist. Black wrap dresses are a good starter. They look stylish and chic. They can fuse effortlessly with low or medium rise heels.

A free flowing black party skirt work good as well. Because black pairs with most things add some colour pop to your choice of top. Red, cream or navy works well! Don’t go too bright to avoid any evident gravy spills.

St Stephen’s Day fashion

Another Christmas Day has come and gone so it’s time to relax. It’s a day or downtime or popping out to meet family friends or relatives.

Black skinny jeans and single colour cable knits look stylish if meeting friends. For something for dressy, add a black chiffon shirt dress with black heels. If you opt for a black dress with spaghetti straps, look for white boa to complete look.

The New Year’s Eve look

For some, New Year’s Eve is a time to party or simple stay at home with family. For those of you heading out remember there is no such thing as NYE party dress code.

However, glitzy metallic tops fused with black straight leg pants look good. They are slimming and can hide any extra flab caused by excessive Christmas Day eating.

The slimming black long sleeve Sheath dress is another wonderful option. For the more curvaceous woman, try the black velvet bodycon dress. Small bits of jewellery to complete.


Fashion tips how to style black over Christmas : Ladies fashion Ireland

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