Fashion tips what colours to wear this Christmas Eve

Fashion tips what colours to wear this Christmas Eve

Fashion tips what colours to wear this Christmas Eve.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you reliable shades to wear as part of your outfit makeup this Christmas Eve. The one great thing about fashion is it gives us all options when selecting any type of dress-me-up or down fashion.

As well as New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve is that special night when you want to look your best. With friends and popping around, we all want to look our best.

Choosing the right shades for our outfit can be tricky. While you want to remain in style, you want your outfit to stand out. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we have come up with colours to help you rock your Christmas Eve look this year.

Look towards metallic gold

This colour is for those of you fashionistas who like to add a bit of razzmatazz to your Christmas Eve fashion look. It’s also a break from other traditional colours of reds, blacks and greens.

Shimmery gold glitzy short dresses in a shift or slip design are great choices. It also allows you to have fun with your accessories. Metallic gold is idea for those of you with warmer skin tones.

Shine in silver shimmering silver

Like gold, silver is also another effective Christmas Eve fashion pleaser. It combines well with those of you with cooler skin tones. If you are not quite ready to go full on silver with your dress choice, then you do have options.

This being a silver clutch and matching shoes. Dress, wise, look for opt for a light grey sweater dress with a type of shimmery finish. It’s warm and you control the volume of brightness to your look.

Ladies Navy Blue Sequin Long Sleeve Dress

Ladies Navy Blue Sequin Long Sleeve Dress

Traditional reds

Burgundy, wine and mulberry, even dark reds fall into this category. It gives you options with dresses, trousers and even tops and coats. These colours are best suited to those of you with various types of skin tones. Darker colours of red are not as “stand-out” to brighter shades in the colour. Reds also fuse better textured type fabrics which include velvet or intricate lace designs.

Irish fashion news. Fashion tips what colours to wear this Christmas Eve. Ladies fashion Ireland

Christmas green

When choosing choices of green for Christmas, think of pine forests and go deep. Dulled down shades of green fuse best with winter Christmas surroundings. Anything light looks too summery. This may also lead to you being mistaken as one of Santa’s little helpers. Peplum or sheath dresses are perfect choices. It also allows you to accessorise with shimmery bags and shoes.

Reliable navy

The great thing about navy is that it is a 12 months a year go to safe fashion shade. If you opt for darker shades it can also have a black tone effect.

One of the other great things about navy is it works with both pants and dress wear. This is wear statement jewellery comes into play. Fuse with reds, silver or gold. Avoid pastel shading accessories as to stay in with Christmas tradition.

Black means classic

Every woman should know by now that a black dress is a fashion essential for any women’s closet. Come Christmas then pull out that classic little black dress. For something less daring look towards a stylish sweater dress in black. Twin with black shoes and its chic, stylish and safe Christmas Eve wear. Did we mention classic?

Holy white

Dark or bright colours are not mandatory fashion come Christmas. Winter white is a fab way to style dresses, trousers and tops for any Christmas Eve gathering. As we say, neutral shade are ideal to complement any type of bolder makeup styles.

Just be careful to consider the occasion of dress. If cooking is involved, white can show up any unwanted stains and spills. Best stick to darker shades if your Christmas Eve involves any kitchen activities.


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