3 fashion tips to styling your quilted jacket this winter

3 fashion tips to styling your quilted jacket this winter

3 fashion tips to styling your quilted jacket this winter.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you why every stylish woman should own a quilted jacket this winter. When it comes to creating the ultimate winter wardrobe, you need to think about your outerwear. When the temperatures drop, you need something that will protect you from the cold. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on style.

A quilted jacket is your new winter wardrobe must-have. It’s cosy, comfortable and always fashionable. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland to find out how to wear your quilted jacket with your winter wardrobe.

Black Quilted Jacket With Grey Knitted Dress

To the surprise of many, we are not going to start off this list with a jean outfit. instead, we are going to combine two trends into one look. Why not combine your black quilted jacket with a grey knitted dress? Anything knitted is always an essential for your winter wardrobe. To add a touch of elegance to your outfit, slip on some open toe heels and finish with a black handbag.

Black Quilted Jacket With Green Chunky Knit Jumper

When choosing your quilted jacket, it’s important that you find the right fit. Anything oversized can overwhelm your figure and look unflattering. Much like any of your outerwear, you want it to work with your frame and look smart.

Ladies Feather & Down Quilted Longline Puffer Jacket

Ladies Feather & Down Quilted Longline Puffer Jacket


Irish fashion news. Ladies fashion Ireland. 3 fashion tips to styling your quilted jacket this winter 

Especially if you are going to pair it with a chunky knit jumper. If both your jumper and jacket are oversized, you will end up looking clunky. And that is not a good look on anyone. To keep your proportions balanced, stick with skinny jeans and Chelsea boots.

Quilted Bomber Jacket With White Button Down Shirt

Another wardrobe staple to pair with your quilted jacket is a white button down shirt. It’s a stylish and unisex look that works on anyone. Finish your outfit with black skinny jeans and some black loafers.

If a white shirt is not your thing or too formal for you, you can swap it out for a white t-shirt. Don’t forget to tuck it into your jeans to show off your figure.


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