5 stylish ways how to wear hoodies this winter

5 stylish ways how to wear hoodies this winter

5 stylish ways how to wear hoodies this winter.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you simple ways dress your hoodies in style this winter. For most of us, hoodies are that relaxed piece of clothing associated with downtime relaxed fashion, right? We this is not necessarily true. A stylish hoodie can be actually qualify as smart casual fashion when styled correctly.

It’s comfort and flexibility gives you more fashion options than you would think when it comes to dressing up. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to show you simple ways to style your beloved hoodie for the season ahead.

Twin your hoodie with a blazer

A hoodie and blazer make for the perfect combination when styled correctly. To get the best effect from this look opt for a loose-fitting hoodie. Ensure your blazer is somewhat oversized but not falling off you.

Opt for neutral shade blazer in a contrasting colour to your hoodie and pants. Footwear is optional but pumps make for a chic finish. This Italian fashion look is the perfect for stylish office or evening wear.

Adidas Boyfriend Hoodie

Adidas Boyfriend Hoodie

Teenage fashion Ireland :5 stylish ways how to wear hoodies this winter : Irish fashion news

The monochromatic hoodie look

For some time now, minimalists are conscious that less is more when it comes to classic styling. This applies with choice of colour. There is something stylish to be said about wearing a singular colour or even that of similar shades.

It can portray a touch of luxe when styled correctly. Twinning a neutral shaded hoodie with matching pants or even leggings works so well. Complete with matching coat in same shade injects energy into your fashion assemble.

Stay warm and stylish with oversized long coat

There is something chic yet empowering about any long coat. The only real thing to consider that you have the height and build to make this work for you.

It’s winter so dark shades in a tailored long coat works. Opt for slightly oversized hoodie in neutral tones. Complete this look with contrasting crossbody bag and boots. It’s warm and stylish finish adds cool day to night styling.

Trench up your hoodie look

Come winter, a reliable trench coat should a fashion staple for every gal’s wardrobe. However, this again depends on your height and body structure.

A loose fit hoodie in neural tones and pair well with light denim straight leg jeans. If your choice of trench coat is dark, switch out under-layers to lighter fashion pieces. This also applies in reverse. Neutral shade trench coats also pair easier with items in your wardrobe.

The hoodie and midi skirt combo

This is a great way to get inventive when twinning your hoodie with your midi skirt look. Seek out a knit style hoodie in shades of light brown, green or reds.

The knit material offers something different to your hoodie look. Pair this with a faux leather midi skirt in black. This street look is perfect for a midi winters day street look. It’s cosy and warm and totally acceptable for any young woman trying to make her own fashion statement.


Irish fashion news : Teenage fashion Ireland :5 stylish ways how to wear hoodies this winter.

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