5 easy ways to style fleece fashion this winter

5 easy ways to style fleece fashion this winter

5 easy ways to style fleece fashion this winter.

Here at Irish fashion news, see easy ways to help you style your fleece jacket this winter.  Like many fashion trends, you probably wouldn’t have been caught dead in fleece a few years ago. However, nowadays, it is all over the place.

Thanks to a revival of 90s fashion, you can expect fleece to take over people’s winter wardrobes this year. The greatest appeal of this divisive material is its warmth, despite being incredibly lightweight. If you are unsure of how to rock fleece this winter, keep on reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our helpful tips.

Colour Blocking

If you are looking to inject some colour into your clothes, fleece is the way to go. While there are many patterns out there, our favourite is a ski-inspired look with colour blocking.

To achieve this, look for fleece in contrasting colours- such as red and blue, and pair it with neutral chinos. To keep the easy vibes going, slip on a pair of Converse and you’re done.

Women's Solenne Half Zip Fleece

Women’s Solenne Half Zip Fleece

Oversized Layers

Oversized anything is the one trend that is set to dominate your winter wardrobe this year. And fleece jackets are no exception. Look for something like an overshirt and slip it on over your hoodie.

This way, you get all of the warmth of a jacket without any of the bulk. Which is perfect for transitional weather. For the ultimate comfort outfit, finish with some joggers and white trainers.

As a Vest

If you do not feel like wearing a full jacket, a fleece vest may be a good option. You get to keep your mid-section warmth, all while having the freedom to move your arms. You can think of your fleece vest as the more playful option of your gilet.

Minimal Details

If you are ever unsure of how to rock a trend, keep it simple. One of the easiest ways to wear fleece is to embrace minimalism. Simply, pick up a fleece jacket is a neutral colour and pair it with some wardrobe basics. You cannot go wrong with a simple white tee and dark denim jeans. When it comes to the design of your fleece jacket, a half-zip option is always a good choice.


5 easy ways to style fleece fashion this winter : Irish fashion news : Teenage fashion Ireland

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