Fashion tips to wearing lace during winter

Fashion tips to wearing lace during winter

Fashion tips to wearing lace during winter.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you exciting ways to wear lace during cold winter months. Lace is that timeless classic material that never dates. Its elegance makes it perfect for dressing up or down, even during dark months of winter.

However, it’s winter right so it’s about pairing favourite winter pieces with other fashionable items in your wardrobe. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to look at great ways to style lace for this season.

Go oversized with your sweater with lace dress

This easy to style assemble guarantees both warmth and style to your lace look this winter. It is also a smart way to dress down without any hassle. Look for different type textures of sweaters. Merino and Shetland wool are great choices for your oversized sweater. The bulkiness of this look gives it that real day off look.

Ladies midi lace dress

Ladies midi lace dress

Round neck sweater and lace dress

This is a real cute look and again offers protection from the outside elements. One of the only draw backs here is that to pull this look off is not to have a short neckline.

This can make your face look chubby. In this instance, switch over to a V neck finish sweater. Place with single colours but ensure you colour contrast to add structure to any great fashion finish.

V neck sweater look

Again, for those of you with short necks, V neck sweaters are your best friend when pairing with lace dress. It adds extra femininity to your fashion look and allows you to accessorise with single centre piece jewellery to the neck. Elongate your dress finish and add long boots to make your look sleek and chic.

The eyelash knit sweater combo

For those of you ladies looking for that real polished fashion look with your lace dress this winter, look towards an eyelash knit sweater. It can add volume to your lace dress look.

Opt for neutral shades to colour contrast with your above the knee lace dress finish. Ankle boots or even knee-high boots are great footwear options. Go easy when accessorising. Keep the attention of the sweater and dress combination.

Thank god for cashmere

We say this time and time again, every woman should own a cashmere sweater. It’s a luxe fashion staple that goes with almost everything in your winter wardrobe.

Whether it’s twinning them with ladies jeans, to wearing over a dress, it’s perfect. We know some lace dresses come with complex designs, right? This is why plain cashmere sweaters fuse effortlessly with any lace detailed dress.

One fashion tip is keeping your cashmere sweater design simple, round neck or V neck. Neutral shades pair with most lace design dresses.

Lace op and leggings

Anther fab choice when wearing lace this winter. Look for neutral shade long line lace tops with intricate detailing to the hem. Lace top with lace to the neck or arms area are good choices also.

Add dark ladies leggings and knee high boots to complete. Suede jackets that contrast with your footwear look fab to complete this chic winter lace look.


Fashion tips to wearing lace during winter : Irish fashion news : Teenage fashion Ireland

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