5 chic ways to lift your jumpsuit fashion look this winter

5 chic ways to lift your jumpsuit fashion look this winter

5 chic ways to lift your jumpsuit fashion look this winter.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you stylish and easy ways to wear jumpsuits for the coming months. The jumpsuit is one of those fashion pieces that can make for a great statement fashion items with minimal effort. That is of course if you select and style one that suits your own body type and colour.

One of the best things about this top and trouser combo is it can keep your body warm and prevent unwanted drafts. Here at Fashion.ie we are going to show you simple but effective ways to wear ladies jumpsuits this winter.

The faux leather jacket & jumpsuit combo

There is nothing like faux leather to add a bit of rock chic to your fashion look. This applies to twinning your cropped faux leather jacket with neutral based jumpsuit.

Ladies blue sequin jumpsuit

Ladies blue sequin jumpsuit

Opt for seasonal jacket tones of black, brown and even white leather. This way you can carry your jacket over to other months of the year. Neutral tones are also easier to pair with colourful accessories like bags and shoes.

The satin jumpsuit look

This is where you add a touch of luxe to your jumpsuit look. Include satin or silk longline coat to a neutral base jumpsuit Seek out a jumpsuit that has intricate lace detailing to the neck or shoulder area. Opt for dusty colour coats to fit in with your winter surroundings White jumpsuits look fabulous for this chic and stylish jumpsuit and coat combination.

Add some colour pop

For some, experimenting with colour might not be your thing during winter. For those of you who love to inject colour into your winter look, then the jumpsuit can be perfect.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to style yourself like the colours of the rainbow. Opt for solid reds, blues, greens and even white jumpsuits. Neutralise your footwear, coat and accessories look. Be daring and choose a jumpsuit with plunging V neck deadline. It’s fun and fancy for any day to night jumpsuit look.

Go oversized with your choice of coat

Longline Trench coats or woollen oversized coats can be a girl’s best friend when wearing jumpsuits during winter. They are flexible to take your fashion look from day to night outer laying with ease.

Again, shades of brown, black or navy pair best with neutralised jumpsuit designs. These coats can then be stored away and used again in autumn and the next winter fashion season. Not only are they stylish but keep you warm and cosy are those blustery winter days.

The turtleneck and jumpsuit

This has somewhat of a retro look about it and is great styling during winter months. This season roll neck and turtleneck sweaters are all the rage.

However, there are a few things to consider when partnering with a jumpsuit. Opt for soft cashmere styles of turtlenecks to wear under your neural shade jumpsuit.

This also works in reverse. Add a colourful red, blue green, black or never turtleneck to your neutralised jumpsuit. These work best during winter months. Just ensure you colour contrast this look well. Colour balance is key as the attention will be on the neck area of your turtleneck.


5 chic ways to lift your jumpsuit fashion look this winter : Irish fashion news : Fashion.ie 

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