Reasons to have a shacket in your winter fashion wardrobe

Reasons to have a shacket in your winter fashion wardrobe

Reasons to have a shacket in your winter fashion wardrobe.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you good reasons why  every woman should own a shacket this winter.  What is cosier than a shirt but lighter than a jacket? Your shacket, of course.

They are a super cute trend that looks good on everyone and is here to stay. Striking the perfect balance between cool and comfortable, you can just throw them on and head out the door.

If you are wondering on how to style this iconic piece of fashion, don’t you worry. Our guide has got you covered. We go over what exactly the shacket is, to reasons why you need one in your wardrobe. Keep on reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland to find out how the shacket can be a key part of your winter wardrobe.

What Is A Shacket?

Not quiet a shirt, but lighter than a jacket, shackets are becoming a major style trend. inspired by military overshirts, your shacket is an understated garment that exudes warmth and comfort. Two essential aspects to look for in a winter wardrobe. Swapping out your denim jacket or trench coats for a shacket is a great way to bring an effortless vibe to your outfit.

Ladies plaid shacket

Ladies plaid shacket

A Great Transition Piece

We all know those days when a coat is too heavy, but a jumper is not enough. Enter the shacket. Ideal for all your layering desires, the shacket is the transition garment your wardrobe needs.

Forever Versatile

Both lightweight and durable at the same time, your shacket will surprise you with its versatility. And when you have fun with the different aspects of the shacket, you will get the most out of this garment. For a cute everyday look, you can wear one buttoned up like a shirt. However, you can also style them like a coat by throwing them over your favourite tees.

Gender Neutral

For all of you lovers of androgynous fashion, you will love the shacket. As well as being easy to wear, shackets are known for their relaxed and utilitarian shape. From pairing them with jeans, to joggers to sweatshirts, there are plenty of on-trend options for everyone.


Reasons to have a shacket in your winter fashion wardrobe. Irish fashion news : Ladies fashion Ireland

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