Fashion labels linked to deforestation of Amazon

Fashion labels linked to deforestation of Amazon

Fashion labels linked to deforestation of Amazon.

In Irish fashion news, a new report published by Stand Earth has named some of the world’s leading fashion brands as potential contributors to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

In their new study titled “Nowhere to Hide: How the Fashion Industry is Linked to Amazon Rainforest Deconstruction” they report that a staggering 6.7 million hectares of the Brazilian Amazonian forest has been removed between the years 2011 up to 2020 because of deforestation.

The report puts this down to many things including an increase in cattle ranching in the Amazon rainforest which accounts for nearly 2 percent of global CO2 emissions annually.

This is equivalent to the emissions released by every single airline across the world annually. The report has named brands lie Adidas, LMVH, Nike and Zara as some of the worst offenders given the cattle industry relies on the leather they use in their products as the single biggest driver of deforestation.

The leather industry in Brazil generates a whopping one billion dollars for their slaughterhouses. This is broken down to eighty percent bovine leather which is exported for fashion and footwear manufacturing by major fashion houses around the world.

Brazil have the biggest herds of cattle in the world today with an estimated 215 million heads of cattle roaming the land that has been deforested to facilitate them.

According to the report, JBS who are the largest leather and beef conglomerate in Brazil and the biggest contributors to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

Millions of hectares of the Brazilian Amazonian forest deforested every year in Brazil

Millions of hectares of the Brazilian Amazonian forest deforested every year in Brazil

The Stand Earth report highlights fashion labels and brands who are either sourcing directly or indirectly from JBS via leather processors. This according to the report links them to deforestation of the rainforest in the Amazon.

Research that was analysed from nearly half a million of customs data that they gathered from various reliable data providers which has been ross-checked with other data collection from other sources has unearthed concealed supply chains.

This report links companies applies to companies using leather tanneries, leather processors, product manufacturers and fashion and footwear brands around the globe.

The Stand Earth data suggests 22 of the 74 companies analysed are possibly in breach of their own policies in sourcing leather via deforestation. Two thirds of the other companies have failed to put in place any meaningful policies at all.

The Leather Working Group or LWG say they intend to address this matter and at present only rate tanneries on their ability to trace leather back to slaughterhouses. This does not include farms.

Neither do they provide any information about slaughterhouses that are linked back to deforestation. A LWG certification cannot nor does not guarantee a deforestation-free leather supply chain qualification.


Fashion labels linked to deforestation of Amazon : Irish fashion news

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