Fashion tips how to pick the perfect winter wedding outfit

Fashion tips how to pick the perfect winter wedding outfit

Fashion tips how to pick the perfect winter wedding outfit.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you easy ways to plan your outfit for winter weddings. With everything opened back up again, weddings and other formal occasions are back on the agenda.

But, with most of us rocking our comfy clothes for the past year, how do we find the perfect wedding outfit? And one that is fitting for a winter wedding? No matter what your personal style is, here at Ladies fashion Ireland. we’ve have rounded up the best tips to help you choose the perfect outfit for a winter wedding.

What To Wear

Before we suggest outfits, we need to talk about wedding etiquette and dress codes. It goes without saying that your winter wedding outfit should be fit for the occasion.

With that said, it’s important to take note of the weather and dress code of the event before you go shopping. An event that is upscale with require something more formal, while casual attire will be acceptable for a less formal wedding.

And while you may want to wear off-shoulder designs or a mini dress, the weather can affect your choices. A cosy shawl or wrap can winterise your look while keeping you warm.

Fabric and colour can also be other factors to take into account when choosing the right wedding outfit. Rich fabrics like velvet and deep jewel tones are excellent choices for colder months.

Ladies Metropolis Midi Dress

Ladies Metropolis Midi Dress

Formal Wedding Outfit

This is the one dress code that can throw a lot of people off. But the only thing you need to do is find a winter wedding outfit that works for you. If you are on a budget, you can consider renting your wedding gown.

When it comes to style, the easiest option for a formal wedding is a shimmering, full-length dress. To make it shine even more, go big with bold, metallic accessories.

However, if metallic or shimmer is not your thing, you can go for a midi dress in a deep red colour. To keep your arms warm, you can go for full sleeves.

If both of those options are not your thing, why not turn up the glamour factor? It doesn’t get more chic than a high neck, fitted gown. A ruffled one-shoulder will bring some drama to your winter wedding look.


Fashion tips how to pick the perfect winter wedding outfit : Irish fashion news : Ladies fashion Ireland


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