Fashion tips how to wear velvet for maximum impact

Fashion tips how to wear velvet for maximum impact

Fashion tips how to wear velvet for maximum impact.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you simple ways to style velvet fashion pieces. In recent years, velvet has made a big comeback in the fashion world.

For some, velvet is still deemed that luxury fashion piece best left for special occasions. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to show you how to include velvet as part of your everyday fashion assemble. Why wait for an important occasion to benefit from the great look of velvet fashion any day of the year.

Velvet jacket look

Like any time of year when a jacket is required, choosing the correct laying is important. The one thing to remember when choosing any type of velvet coat or jacket is to keep your design simple.

Whether you choose a blazer or jacket design opt for plain simple colours. Dark reds, blues, blacks and even forest green are great shades for velvet jackets. Also ensure that your other fashion garments contrast and don’t collide with the rest of your assemble.

Velvet tops

Yep, velvet sweaters are go and look great when paired with trousers and jeans. Again let’s go back to colour choices. Like your jacket, stick to darker shades if you are a first timer styling velvet.

They are safe options and easy to pair with the rest of your fashion setup. V-neck velvet shades look great when paired with skinny jeans, even leggings on casual days off. For something more “meet the girls” time try a straight leg jean design or even pencil skirt with heels. Always colour coordinate with care.

Mint Velvet Piper Print Mesh Trapeze Dress

Mint Velvet Piper Print Mesh Trapeze Dress

Velvet shirt or blouse

This is a tricky one even for the best and most experienced fashionista. Again best keep any velvet blouse or shirt design simple. While velvet feels great on the skin, it can be a pain to maintain of clean so think of the occasion. Dark shades of velvet go great with the likes of neutral shade skirts. They can also hide dirt or any unwanted stains. Colour coordinate your assemble to create the right balance.

Velvet dresses.

A nice fitted velvet dress can look very stylish for dress me up occasions. When we say fitted we mean nothing that resembles the bin bag look. A cute velvet dress can either be knee length or ankle finish.

The main think her is to make sure you colour deep. Red or black velvet dresses are a fab choice for any formal type occasion. However, make sure you keep all the attention of the dress and accessorise it with statement pieces of jewellery.

Velvet fashion is great to accessorise

Given velvet is associated with luxury fashion, then accessorising your velvet dress or top can be great fun. Gold or silver works best with any choice of velvet.

However, ensure the attention stays on the choice of velvet fashion at all times. The accessories like chains, pearls, watches or statement handbag should always be complimentary and take centre stage.


Fashion tips how to wear velvet for maximum impact : Irish fashion news : Ladies fashion Ireland

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