Easy ways how to create bold makeup looks

Easy ways how to create bold makeup looks

Easy ways how to create bold makeup looks. 

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you simple ways to recreate great bold makeup looks this season. We’ve all had those days when we are scrolling through Instagram and get hit with some makeup inspiration.

However, seeing a picture of a beautiful model with her face all dolled up can leave us stumped on how to recreate the look. Anything worth learning takes a little practise. Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland are our some bold makeup looks that are surprisingly easy to recreate.

Classic Glamour

If you are looking for a great place to start when it comes to makeup, winged liner and bold lips is the way to go. To add some drama to your look, slightly exaggerate your liner on the outer corners of your eye. If you are not used to eyeliner, use one with a fine-point tip to help you get that clean edge you are looking for. And whether you want to go for a classic red lip or another colour, anything goes.

Make It Graphic

When it comes to a bold makeup look, playing around with your liner is a good place to start. You can opt to do a classic wing in a different colour, such as white or something brighter. For maximum chic points, stay away from your lash line and apply a straight line above your crease. Finish with a few coats of mascara and your favourite nude lip.



Add Some Sparkle

Say yes to glitter with this next makeup look. it gives a lot of details without a lot of fuss. To elevate your eyes, you can add tasteful amounts of glitter using glitter gels. The key to pulling off a look like this? Keep it neat by concentrating the glitter to one area, like your lid. This way, you end up with a beautiful makeup look that feels intentional.

Smoke It Out

There are plenty of variations of the classic smoky eye. But, for this look, try to focus on your bottom lid to bring the drama. To give your eyeshadow a luxurious feel, pair chocolate browns and black together. Remember to focus on layering up your shadows until you get the intensity you are after.

Make It Glisten

Glossy eyelids along with a dark berry lip will always help you get a dramatic and bold makeup look. The key is to have all the focus on your eyes and lips. So, it’s important to keep your skin looking fresh, with just a touch of highlighter. To tie your look together, make sure that the tone of your lips and eyeshadow colours are in the same family.


Easy ways how to create bold makeup looks. : Irish fashion news : Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland

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