4 Fashion tips how to style purple skirts during winter

4 Fashion tips how to style purple skirts during winter

4 Fashion tips how to style purple skirts during winter.

Here at Fashion.ie we are going to show you 4 easy ways to maximise your purple skirt look this winter. One of the great thinks about purple is that in comes in so many wonderful shades. From deep royal hues to lavenders, purple fashion rocks any time of year.

Purple always look fab when worn below the waist. Whether you opt for dark or light shades, it adds a touch of class to any assemble. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to look at 4 simple ways to wear purple shaded skirts this season.

The royal purple mxi skirt look

Maxi skirts aren’t just reserved for winter fashion you know. They can equally look fab worn during cold winter days. The great thing about any royal purple maxi dress is it can make your look chic.

Let’s give an example that a fitted contrasting top or bright white shirt pairs beautifully with a free-flowing royal purple maxi skirt. On another note, look at mixing your style up a bit. Add a contrasting roll neck sweater to your maxi skirt look. It’s warm and cosy and perfect winter styling.

Embrace the lavender mini skirt look

Who said miniskirts are only for summer wear? They can be equally enjoyed during cold months by introducing tights to your fashion finish. Given that miniskirts are small they are able to take on more layering above the waist.

This allows you to experiment with lengths of jackets and tops. Because miniskirts are not real occasion wear they are perfect for nights out or days off fashion.

Ladies Purple Pencil Skirt

Ladies Purple Pencil Skirt

Neutral shades worn in the format of tops are a great look with your lavender miniskirt. Add black tights and ankle boots to complete this stylish look. However, over the knee black boots removes the need for adding tights to your finish.

Purple pencil skirts look fab

Given that pencil skirt designs and slim and slender, it allows for adding more volume above the waist. Crisp white or black blouses work well here. Even roll neck sweaters with boots or contrasting heels are another great option.

For something more relaxed, switch out your boots for white sneakers. Don’t be scared to explore various shades of purple for your pencil skirt look. They all look chic and add a real touch of femininity to any fashion look

Fall in love with the lavender midi skirt look

The perfect midi skirt sits just below your knee or mid-calf region of the body. It is a stylish and beautiful length skirt that can have a retro vibe about it.

One of the many great things about lavender midi skirts is you can add pleat designs into your look. Prints also work well. Given lavender is the focus shade, neutralise your top and jacket finish. Heels or ankle boots make your look more lady like. Very chic.


4 Fashion tips how to style purple skirts during winter: Ladies fashion Ireland : Fashion.ie 

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