Fashion ideas how to style ladies green trousers in winter

Fashion ideas how to style ladies green trousers in winter

Fashion ideas how to style ladies green trousers in winter.

Here at we have put together some styling tips to help you style the beautiful shades of green during winter months. With winter just around the corner, some fashionable lades are thinking about switching their dress wear over to trouser fashion.

Why? Because the months are colder, and our legs are looking for a bit more protection from the outdoor elements.

Now introduce the wonder shades of green that make for perfect trouser fashion for the season ahead. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to look some simple ways to coordinate your green pants wardrobe for winter months.

The white shirt and green trouser effect.

Twinning your green trousers with a white shirt or blouse makes for a stylish combination to any fashion look. The beauty about any white shirt and green trouser assemble is it can look classy.

During winter months opt for dulled down shades of green. The likes of moss, juniper and basil make for great white shirt green trousers fusion.

Polka dot your green trouser look

This year, polka dots are back in trend, especially during winter months. Opt for navyish or white polka dot tops to add to your straight leg jeans or corduroy pants. Shades of fern or pine green blend your look into seasonal surroundings It’s smart casual at best and don’t forget to accessorise.

Ladies Green Drawstring Wide Leg Trousers

Ladies Green Drawstring Wide Leg Trousers

The green trouser and stripped top combo

Stripped tops aren’t just for summer fashion you know. They can be dressed and styled easily during darker and cold months. Given its winter, wide leg pants work well in shades of mint or seafoam green. Add fusions of blues or navy stripes to your top and it presents a chicness to your finish.

The white blazer and green trouser look

For those of you who prefer the smart casual effect to your day or night-time fashion look this is for you. A pair of fitted parrakeet or olive-green trousers can present a chicer finish to your green trouser look.

It also allows you to have fun with your above the waist finish. Inject nave and white striped tops or shades of dark blue into your shirt finish. It’s balanced and also look classy when paired with contrasting heels.

Have fun with plaid with your green trousers

Yep, plaid and green trousers go hand in hand 365 days of the year. Now it’s winter you need to think about toning down your shade of green trousers.

Emerald or shamrock are just bright enough to lift any great green trouser fashion look. Add darker shades of black or grey white plaid to your shirt or blouse look. It’s smart and balances out your overall stylish green trouser and plaid shirt winter finish.

Denim jacket your green trouser look

For those more relaxed winter days off fashion looks, a fitted denim jacket can be your best friend. Styling denim jackets with shamrock, pear or emerald green trousers are a given.

Top wise, opt for neutral shades in the form or round neck tops for a more casual finish. Even a pop of yellow above the waist can brighten up the dullest of winter days.

Layer up with winter coats

It’s winter right so it’s all about layering while remaining in style. Black or white winter coats and green trousers go hand in hand as far a winter fashion.

Longline coat designs adds a more polished finish to your green trouser combo. As far as tops go, opt for neutral finishes for anything slightly formal like workwear. For nights out with friends, revert to stripes, plain or polka dot finishes.

And finally

This winter, enjoy the experience of green trousers with you smart or casual fashion wear. It provides for a break from the norm with dulled down tones of greys, blues and blacks. Always colour contrast your assemble appropriately. Enjoy the fashion season ahead.


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