6 Fashion tips how to mix colours without clashing

6 Fashion tips how to mix colours without clashing

6 Fashion tips how to mix colours without clashing.

Here at Fashion.ie we are going to show you simple ways to mix colours in your wardrobe without them clashing. As we talked about earlier, most of us love to style bold and bright fashion. However, this sometimes can be daunting even to the best and more experienced dresses.

No one wants to resemble a clown uniform when putting together their fashion assemble. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to look at easy ways to mix and match colours 365 days of the year.

Think of colours you like

Mentally imagining colours that suit you is the first step to constructing any great mix and match fashion look. Try and organise colours that are based on their partnership with primary colours such as yellow, red and blue. The way you organise you organise these colours will help you consider shades you want to mix and match.

Ladies Checked Blazer

Ladies Checked Blazer

Engage similar colours for different monochromatic looks

The likes of oranges and yellows are a good match to any fashion look. Combined they avoid any fashion combo being too overwhelming. Give shades of ombre a go when contrasting your next fashion look

Complimentary colours can create some pop

By using complimentary shades that sit next to each other greens, reds and blues are a good start. These wonderful colours have the ability to add some pop when fused alongside each other for a bright no conflicting finish. Try this method when seeking out shades for colour blocking.

Triads work for large bold colour

To explain, triads are three equally spaced colours. For examples : Blue, violet , orange, red and yellow are triads. These work ell together for that bright yet fashion bold fashion look.

Look toward neutrals

Neutrals are classic shades that are perfect all year round. Black, whites, brown and beiges can be called upon as a best friend when putting together and balanced fashion look.

Vary your choice of shades

By considering all of these fashion tips it’s important to also look at varying the lightness of your choice of shades. To give you a good example, the likes of a light green can fuse beautifully with a cool dark red. This is where it’s important to vary one of your choices of shades. This breaks up your look for that great complimentary finish.


6 Fashion tips how to mix colours without clashing : Ladies fashion Ireland : 

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