How to shop for online fashion this Black Friday

How to shop for online fashion this Black Friday

How to shop for online fashion this Black Friday.

Here at Irish fashion news, we are going to show you some useful tips to consider when shopping for shopping online for fashion this Black Friday.

When is Black Friday?

Unless you have had your head in the sand the past few weeks, Black Friday is 26th November 2021.
Always consider the price of items and not the saving.

Please don’t automatically assume a deal is a deal just because the fashion retailer claims it is. Sometimes online retailers inflate their prices months before Black Friday. Then when the day or weeks before the day arrives they discount the cost of items.

Set a budget, only spend what you can afford

Yes we all get carried away when it comes to buying the latest fashion items, especially when we think there is a bargain to be had. However, it’s important to set a budget on what you can afford to spend.

Think of “want” ad :Need.” Ask yourself, do I really need that new skirt or top if your closet is already bulging at the seams. Remember, Christmas sales are only weeks away so there will be bargains to be had then. Then spend all your money in one go.

Know your rights - Check out the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission of Ireland

Know your rights – Check out the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission of Ireland

Look in detail at the return policy of item

This is very important when buying any type of clothing in-store or online during Black Friday. Most fashion stores have return policies and offer refunds. Some however, may only offer an “exchange policy” so always check their T&C’s.

Make sure you understand sizes of items

Again this is a very important factor when shopping for fashion clothing especially online. Fashion stores have their own theory on what sizes actually are.

For an example one store might consider a size 10 as fact. However, another store might see their size 10 as an actual size 12. This is why it’s always important to check return policies of each individual store as they each vary.

Be aware of unusual brands

This is an opportunist time for fraudsters to do their worst when Black Friday comes around. Always be wary of unfamiliar brands or websites that offer great fashion deals.

Try and stick to brands and popular websites that you know and have good reviews. If a deal is too good to be true then it most probably is. Always do back ground checks on sites your are purchasing from.

Create your own wishlist

Going back to spending what you can afford, having a “wishlist” can help you avoid unnecessary spending. The benefits to this are twofold.

You can spend your time efficiently looking for items you are looking for instead of getting lost at looking for other items that you don’t really need. It also helps you to create a budget so you can only spend money on what you need opposed to what you think you want.

Get in early with your shopping

In recent times, most fashion retailers start offering fashion goods a week or so before the actual Black Friday date kicks in. Stat early with your shopping. This way you can have the pick of the crop before the items you are looking for run out of stock.

Consider buying sustainable fashion goods 

Nowadays it’s important that we think of the environment as well as the conditions people have to work through when making our favourite fashion pieces.

If you want to do something to helpful this Black Friday, buy at least one piece of sustainable clothing or accessories. There is such a wide choice to choose from in wonderful and creative designs. Help the environment you live in. It will make you feel good plus stylish.


How to shop for online fashion this Black Friday : Irish fashion news

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