How to incorporate leggings into your fashion wardrobe

How to incorporate leggings into your fashion wardrobe

How to incorporate leggings into your fashion wardrobe.

Here at we are going to show you ways to style leggings this season.  There are many items which are considered wardrobe essentials. Your white shirt, denim jeans, leather jacket come to mind.

And another item that should spring to mind is leggings. They are cute, comfortable and more versatile than you’d think. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland to find out how to incorporate leggings into your fashion wardrobe.

Quick Tips

First, stock up on your black leggings. Not only can they look super flattering, they also can be worn with many different garments. It’s all about knowing which ones work.

Next, take a note of the length of leggings you want to wear. if you are a fan of full-length styles, there are always cropped. And vice versa. If you are looking to add a bit of spice to your wardrobe, printed leggings or different colours are the way to go.

Ladies Slit Hem Leggings

Ladies Slit Hem Leggings

Basic Black Leggings

We all have a pair in our wardrobes. They are your go-to leggings when you are in a rush and need to throw on something quick. To start, pair your black leggings with a light blue or tie-dye sweatshirt or hoodie.

For extra comfort points, you can make it an oversized one. Next, throw on a couple of accessories to add a bit of interest to your outfit. You can layer some silver necklaces to tie in with the blue of your sweatshirt. And to finish your look, slip on some white trainers.

Cropped Leggings

If you want to move away from casual looking leggings into something sporty, cropped is the way to go. Especially when you pair them with a green crop tank top – green is a very popular colour at this time of year.

You can also throw on a black hoodie, which would add to the whole sporty vibe you’ve got going on. When it comes to your shoes, you really cannot go wrong with classic white trainers.

Pink Leggings

If black or cropped just aren’t your thing, add some colour to your wardrobe with some pink leggings. Any colour will work but we are going to stick with pink for this one. They look cute and they work particularly well with your graphic t-shirts. You can go oversized or form-fitted, any one will work.

How to incorporate leggings into your fashion wardrobe : : Ladies fashion Ireland

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