Fashion advice how to wear white during winter

Fashion advice how to wear white during winter

Fashion advice how to wear white during winter.

Here at we are going to show you the do’s and don’ts of wearing white during the winter season. According to some fashion experts, white fashion goods should be solely reserved for springtime and winter fashion. However, we totally disagree.

White is bright and can lighten the look of any fashion assemble during cold months if styled correctly. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to look at things to consider when wearing white this winter.

White trouser and jeans acceptable during winter

Both men and women are scared to wear any form of white below the waist during winter for a few reasons. This being predominately that it shows up dirt easily. Other reasons are white can be bright and usually comes in light fabrics and textures.

During winter months, seek out heavier pieces of white fashion goods. Tone down the choice of white by switching to nude shades of white. Opt for wide leg trousers that can help elongate the look of your legs.

White trainers / sneakers are good

Whatever time of year, there is a lot to be said for crisp white sneakers or trainers. They can easily be fused with jeans, trousers and skirts during winter months.

The key to any good white trainer look is to ensure they are spotless. Shabby old white trainers are certainly a no no at any time of the year. Always make sure your choice of trainer contrasts with your above the ankle fashion assemble.

Ladies Faux Leather Puffer Jacket

Ladies Faux Leather Puffer Jacket

White fused with off whites is ok

For most of us, we are reluctant to fuse pure white with off-white. However, this should never be the case and it is acceptable. In recent years this style of matching has become totally acceptable.

The separate shades of white play off against each other. However, don’t go made when accessorising this type of look. Experiment with print style bags or shoes. Leopard print can really add some pop to your fashion finish.

Laying is important

Staying warm and snug during winter weather is equally as important to looking good. Opt for heavier textures and material in the form of coats of jackets. On less colder days white cable knits or Different ways to style ladies turtlenecks this Autumn 2020 are great choices. A lot of today’s designs come in whites and off white shades.

Colour inject your white fashion look

When wearing any shade of white during winter, colour fusion adds pop to your fashion finish. The likes of burgundy, dull down red or blues even yellow mustard work. Contrast well and with colour block to your top or bottoms.

Experiment with different textures

When it comes to donning white this winter season please experiment with different types of textures. Wools like cashmere make for great above the waist sweaters.

These fuse effortlessly with white trousers and jeans. The key thing for any successful white fashion look this season is as follows. Keep warm and make sure your finished fashion look is balanced and contrasting.


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