Fashion tricks how to wear bold colours

Fashion tricks how to wear bold colours

Fashion tricks how to wear bold colours.

Here at we are going to show you simple ways to wear rich bold colours. Life can get a little bit boring with some colour and the same can be said about your fashion.

While black, greys and white are considered wardrobe staple colours, they can get a bit boring. But there are some colours that can be intimidating for some people. To get you out of your style comfort zone, keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for tricks on how to wear bold colours.


Synonymous with St Patrick’s Day, green can be a tricky colour to pull off. One of our favourite combos is a sleek black and green look. To start off this look, choose a pair of green trousers as your focal point.

To add a touch of elegance, slip on a lace bodysuit. Using lace will provide some much-needed texture into your outfit. Next, keep it simple with a basic black blazer that complements your top and lets your bottoms stand out. Some black strappy heels will complete the ensemble and keeps your entire outfit looking cohesive.


Orange is bright and bold and be super fun to wear. To keep away from Halloween vibes, pair it with yellows, pinks and blues. In other words, pretty much any colour that is not black.

Accessorise with green handbags

Accessorise with green handbags

However, you can accentuate orange by pairing it with white and washed out denim. To add a retro touch to your outfit, start by wearing an orange and white striped top. You can knot it or tuck it into your jeans. A light wash pair of flared denim jeans will give your outfit a 70s feel.


Teal may not be the first colour that you reach for, but it should be one you try at least once. There are many colours that complement it and it works with a lot of different skin tones.

We all know the importance of having a button-up top in your wardrobe. But, why not make it a teal one? For a classy look, you can pair it with a denim mini skirt. But if wearing bold colour in your clothes is too intimidating, try accessories instead. You can wear a cute headscarf that can double up as a hair tie.


Fashion tricks how to wear bold colours : : Ladies fashion Ireland

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