Fashion tips to styling red this Christmas

Fashion tips to styling red this Christmas

Fashion tips to styling red this Christmas.

Here at we are going to show you some simple ways to wear red this Christmas.
With less than a month to go, lots of us are thinking about Christmas styling. What will we wear on the day, how will we wear it etc, etc.

Well, there are basic rules to stick to when styling red fashion around Christmas. For most, red dresses along with black and green are the favourite choices for most stylish women. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to check out simple ways to style red in the coming weeks.

The red dress bare shoulder look

The cold should fashion look is great for any true fashionista when Christmas lands. It’s an opportunity to wear your hair up and let those beautiful shoulders of your do the talking. Silk slip dresses are super sexy.

The red dress is perfect for any great Christmas Day look

The red dress is perfect for any great Christmas Day look

Add knee high boots or killer kitten heels to complete. Think about that great white faux fur shawl to wrap around your neck line if venturing out. It’s a real head turner and super chic.

Peplum top and black jeans

Another super fab comfy look for those of you who want to stray away from wearing a dress. Bright red and fitted black jeans are a great combination to look good this season. Suede ankle boots and cream or black longline woollen coats to complete. Very stylish indeed.

The beautiful longline vintage dress

Who doesn’t like the vintage style look? Well, it’s the one time of year when vintage fashion should be on display and red is a fab colour to roll this out.

Long line red fitted dresses with lace detailing look chic. Pair with red kitten heels and contrasting earrings and wow. Perfect for Christmas Day itself.

Plaid up your Christmas fashion experience

For those of you who want to take a more casual fashion approach to Christmas styling then think red in plaid format. This can be achieved using various looks.

A short plaid red and black mini dress and black knee-high black boots is one fab option. Another being a red and black mid-length plaid dress with heels makes for smart Christmas fashion.

Red velvet

This is a super Christmas Day and week fashion killer look. Low cut peplum or bodycon red velvet dresses look super fab for the Christmas season. It allows you show off your beautiful neckline with a single piece chain or pendant. Something to make any of the Kardashian jealous.

Look towards accessories

Yep, all accessories can play a major part in making your red fashion look stand out this Christmas. Whether it’s red heels, to bags to earrings, balance is key.

Choosing shades of red that blend in with your assemble is important. Neutralising shades with red is the key to any great red Christmas fashion look. Opt for whites, creams and black tones. This way you will avoid you being mistaken for Santa.

Tights and stocking

Laying to the legs is another great part of any Christmas period fashion looks. Black tights or stocking can raise your look while keeping your pinks warm and snug. If your dress style is plain opt for creative designs to your tight look. It breaks up your super red dress finish.


Fashion tips to styling red this Christmas : : Teenage fashion Ireland

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