Mango introduce their Likes You scheme in Ireland

Mango introduce their Likes You scheme in Ireland

Mango introduce their Likes You scheme in Ireland.

In Irish fashion news, fashion retailer Mango have announced that they are introducing their loyalty scheme to Irish customers.
The Spanish fashion retailer that was set up back in 1984 will make their Mango “Likes You” loyalty programme to Irish shoppers.

Mango who manufacture and produce their own ladies and men’s clothing already operate this scheme in 15 counties globally.
In Europe this programme is already operating in France, the UK and other leading fashion cities. Now Mango have opened their loyalty programme up to shoppers in Ireland, Switzerland and Russia.

According to the Spanish fashion house these counties currently represents about 70 percent of the company’s total turnover, according to a release.

To date over eight million people have subscribed to Mango Likes You with Spain accounting for three million users. In a media statement released by the Spanish fashion house Elena Carasso who is director of online and customer services said “With this milestone, we have reached the ambitious goal set for 2021: to have the loyalty programme implemented in a total of 15 countries that represent approximately 70 percent of the global turnover of the company,”

Elena added “In addition, we have achieved this despite the effect that the pandemic has had in some of the countries in which we have launched the club. We are going to continue expanding the presence of Mango Likes You in new markets to keep focusing on the customer.”

According to Mango, their scheme is an intricate part of their omni-channel strategy, This is designed to personalise and improve their customer experience across all points of contact.

The Mango “Likes You” scheme which was set up 2 years ago in 2019 in Spain, is today present in counties including the United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Turkey, Italy and now Ireland.


Mango introduce their Likes You scheme in Ireland: Irish fashion news : 

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