4 fashion tips how to wear red trousers during winter.

4 fashion tips how to wear red trousers during winter

4 fashion tips how to wear red trousers during winter.

Here at Fashion.ie we are going to show you quick ways to put together your red trouser fashion look this winter. Red is that wonder colour that is perfect for all seasons. However, when temperatures drop most of us look to inject some warmth into our daily fashion look.

This is where red steps in with ease. During winter months, this fantastic colour in its various shades can liven up any great fashion assemble.

When it comes to styling this hue below the waist, red trousers are perfect for comfy winter styling. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to look at simple ways to style red trousers for the months ahead.

Fashionable ways to wear your red leggings

OK, leggings are normally associated with athleisurewear or relaxed fashion as we all know. However, when paired correctly they can allow your look to move up a notch in the fashion rankings.

During winter months opt for a darker shade of red leggings. Away from any sporty or casual look, add heels. These can elongate the look of your legs. Also colour contrast above the waist with neutral shades.

Creams, navy, black or whites in shirt formats can look chic. By adding a grey or light shaded coatigan or cardigan adds extra fashionable insulation to your finish.

Red jeans can look class during winter

If you are tired of the blue or black denim jeans look this season then look towards red as a great alternative. Red is warm and can be worn alongside other colourful accessories.

Red Wide Twill Trousers

Red Wide Twill Trousers

Shades of green, brown, camel and black can give your red jeans look that cosy look and feel during winter. Add stylish neutralised tops to your red jeans. Cable knit sweaters in the forms of browns and greys can elevate that casual to smart fashion look in an instant.

Something more formal in red trousers works well

If you are looking for a more polished fashion look to your red trouser finish this season then go tailored. Fitted pants always look beautiful and red is the cheery on the cake. They look more sophisticated than your average red jeans or leggings or jeans.

Blouses and blazers or fitted jackets are your best friend for this type of styling. Even black or cream turtlenecks can put your red trouser fitted look into the spotlight. Don’t forget to add those killer heels.

The wide leg red trouser effect

This type of trouser look can present you with so many great fashion options. It can go casual up to something more smart dress. Red wide leg trousers worn with neutral top and puffer jacket add street cred to your look Add white sneakers and wow.

Moving up a notch in the fashion stakes, add a cool bardot style top to your red wide leg trousers. A fitted look biker jacket (not oversized) can make you look superbly not over the top smart casual.

And finally

Red is a striking colour to be enjoyed during winter months. It creates a warmth to any fashion look that can brighten any fashion assemble even on the dullest of days.

Always make sure to strike a balance to any fashion look you are trying to create. Make neutral shades your best friend when constructing a fashion look to make you look and feel happy.


4 fashion tips how to wear red trousers during winter : Fashion.ie : Teenage fashion Ireland

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