6 fashion tips to wearing dresses this winter

6 fashion tips to wearing dresses this winter

6 fashion tips to wearing dresses this winter.

Here at Fashion.ie we are going to show you some quick fashion tips to help you style your dresses this season. As we know, dresses are a true fashion staple of any woman’s wardrobe any time of the year. They are comfy and ideal for all four seasons.

The great thing about today’s dresses is the various range of options and colours to choose from. Whether worn as a stand a lone fashion piece or paired with jeans or jumpers, they can look fab.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to show you simple ways to style your dresses this winter.

The important of layering

When winter strikes, fashion and layering become best friends. While it’s important to look stylish, warmth is also key to any great fashion finish.

For those of you who are “dress only” gals, consider introducing thermal vest layering under your dress. Whether you opt for a short skirt or midi dress, a warm vest can be your layer buddy.

Sweaters with dresses are also a great option during winter months. Cable knit or turtleneck sweaters can be worn with any neckline. Just ensure that you colour contrast your assemble by including one neutral shade.

Tights play their part

Tights are something every woman should have stocked in their fashion arsenal during winter months. They keep your pins warm and can be work with almost any type of dress.

Opaque ones which mean the higher the denier, the warmer the legs, are great. A 10-denier pair of tights look better with shorter type dresses.

What you need to avoid is having to constantly adjusting your tights. This is why we recommend choosing tights with a shaping panel around the waist and hip area.

This ensures they are tighter and more likely to stay in place all day and night. If you find they are sticking to your dress fabric, opt for a slip dress. Comfy and cosy.

Ladies Black Lurex Maxi Dress

Ladies Black Lurex Maxi Dress

Add the chunky boot look

This season, the likes of military style boots are the in thing. They can fuse so well with the likes of a dreamy satin midi dress and tights. Add extra socks thick socks if required to keep your feet warm and comfy.

Knee high boots work well with midi dress hemlines

For you ladies looking for a more sophisticated fashion look this winter then this is for you. A stylish pair of leather knee-high boots worn underneath your midi dress is a great fashion option.

This looks chic and also means you can avoid adding tights to keep your legs warm. Colour contrasting again is key. BTW, it’s definitely worth investing in a quality pair of knee-high boots. They are a sound investment that will give you lots of wear for years to come.

The oversized coat addition

Yes, big coats and dresses are a must during winter months. However, never underestimate the beauty and warmth of an oversized coat. Opt for neutral shades as they go with most dress looks.

When styled with tonal shades they can be amazing. Again, it’s worth investing in a good quality coat during winter. Ensure it ticks all the boxes of providing warmth and style in one.

Dress and trouser combo

When it comes to double layering then this ticks every box. The dress and trouser combination is a fab way to rock your dress look during colder months.

Be inventive and add design like flared trousers with wide legs to your dress look. Avoid anything that makes your legs look like drainpipes (skinny jeans or trousers) Lets go back to colour contrasting your look. Make sure you get the balance of shades right.


6 fashion tips to wearing dresses this winter : Fashion.ie : Ladies fashion Ireland

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